Friday, 30 November 2007

Decision decision decisions .....

I have been getting a lot of phone calls .... people with good intentions and who sincerely care for me ... giving me advice ...
Some of the advice :
1. Stay with the government
2. Quit and go private
3. Get a MBA
4. Do business
5. Be a drug rep
6. Do something totally different
7. Dont rot in government service
8. No point trying for foreign examinations since you have tortured yourself enough
9. Go overseas
10. Erm ... get married 

These are just the top 10 in the list and the list goes on.  I will be seeing the head of department next week.  I still have not decided what to do.  I have been just living each day.  Catching up with old friends ... catching up with my life.... which I had put aside for so long.  

I wish I can have someone who I can just sit down and talk it over ..... someone who really knows me ... my strength and my weakness....coz right now ... I am still in a daze ... I had no plan B because I had set my mind on my masters program.    I hope I will recover soon from the burn out thingy.   

God is good .... He is hold me close and tightly.  


dobbs said...

Feel free to drop by anytime to chat.

fibrate said...

Also feel free to drop by Starbucks in JJ S2 when you're back in Seremban. I don't live there (in Starbucks) but will gladly buy you coffee! :)

sbanboy said...

Thanks for the offer ... will do

Sure ... we can meet up this weekend as I will be back to Seremban by this weekend .... do send me ur email ... and we can trade hp no.

CP Waterman said...

God is good. Amen!
Take some time and wait on HIM, after all HE knows you best woh!
Watch out for His words, a dream & vision. haha

sbanboy said...

Thanks for encouraging me always .... would like to meet up someday and fei-loh-ship and yam cha :)