Monday, 5 November 2007

Books and dinner

Books and dinner ..... my exams are starting next week on Thursday.  But I am still working till Wednesday and I have about 6 days before the big day.  Anyway life goes on ... I plant myself in the library after work to get some studying done as there are just too much distraction at home. 
My books and gadgets and not to mention FOOD !!!!!!

Today after frying my brain in the library .... a few of us who were studying for the exams decided to have dinner together and we ended up in Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant.  This was the first time I was going there and sister did mention that the tom yum soup was nice.

Coffee (no sugar added ) with jasmine tea

Grilled chicken salad
Erm American Fried Rice .... I don't know why it is called American ... anyway it was just tomato fried rice with sausages and a fried drumstick.

I ordered fried rice with chicken green curry.......I was super hungry so I forgot to take pictures.... and it was yummy.

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ashley said...

Actually.. the Thai Restaurant next to it serves much better food... I mean.. especially if you're looking for Tom Yum Soup..

And.. WOW.. you had ALL that all by yourself ?? Must be QUITE a meal, ain't it ? Satisfying, eh ? ;)
Anything that keeps you happy! :)

Best wishes for all ur examinations.