Monday, 26 November 2007

The book I am reading now .. Follow Your Heart

This is the book I am reading now .... Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews :)


L B said...

I cannot find time to read any books at the moment... wait, that's been going on for well up to 5 years now!!!

Anonymous said...

that's a good book. straight to the point & makes sense.

read his other books too :o)

keeyit said...

What is so good about this book ? Maybe you can explain more on what you get on this book ? I think I need to find a book I need some advices on my working problem..

Jellyfish said...

after this, go and read about "conversations with god" by neale dunowhat walsh :P

fibrate said...

" a nutshell..."

I have the entire collection!

sbanboy said...

hehe ... I had accumulated lots of books in the last 3 years .... just reading my medical books ... time to read what I bought ...hehe

Yup I like his style of writing

Will try to do a mini review after I finish reading through this book.

Wah you are still promoting this book ah ? Hehe

WAH !!!! I have a few of his books also but not the whole collection... I like the drawings and the way he puts things across

jimbo said...

I recommend 'the way of the wild heart' by john elderedge. I think u will be touched and enjoy it. :)

sbanboy said...

I already read that book ... maybe I will read it again to refresh my memory