Sunday, 4 November 2007

Been hacked ??

Hmmm I just realized that whenever I load my webpage ..... there 2 pop ups windows .... anyone has any idea how to stop it ?  If there is no solution I will move over to wordpress.

Any suggestions ?


Update : Yup found the cause of the pop up windows .... it was the chat program ... anyone has any suggestion for a "clean" chat program to use in blogger.  Thanks :)


Nickxandar said...

Are you using IE to view your webpages? If you are then you could disable pop-ups from the menu bar to get rid of that pesky pop-ups.

Another thing that you should do is scan your machine is a spyware checker to see if there is any spyware installed on your machine. One that I usually use if called "Spybot Search & Destroy". You should be able to search for it in a web search using that name.

may said...

could it be all those ads you put in as well? I don't notice pop-ups 'cos I turned them off for my browser... :-)

Chen said...

it might be due to the add-on such as chat box or advert etc. I experienced the same thing on and off when i visited Day Dreamer's blog

anastasia said...

use Firefox!
Ha ha.
Anyway, I use flooble chatterbox on my blog and although you have to enable pop-ups on the browser for it to work, I haven't had any trouble with it. Unlike tag-board, I don't even get spam.
cbox is also quite ok I think.