Friday, 30 November 2007

ASTRO I finally have it !!!!!!!

Yes !!!! It is finally here !!!!!  Finally got Astro installed today .... and it was activated within 10 minutes.  And now I can finally watch my favorite channels ... Animax and AXN :)

PS : thanks alot to Spinosum for the tip

*Picture taken with SE K810i


spinosum said...

I think ur package is better - afterall its RM100 for installation, but subsequently u pay less each month!! ;)

sbanboy said...

I was discussing with the person in charge for the best price ... so I figure if I wanted to add more next time ..I can do it :)

AM really enjoying it for now ... hehe

lynnx01 said...

You like Animax? All cartoons only. HEhehehe... I love E!

sbanboy said...

I like AXN, Starworld, Animax, Hallmark ... am glued to Astro for now ...hehe