Monday, 26 November 2007

Astro here I come

I have finally decided to get Astro Satellite TV for my apartment.  Anyone know of any offers or free decoders at the moment?  Do let me know :)  

Thanks :)


spinosum said...

Recently I just installed Astro in my house. The offer u see on their website is not the best one (ie RM199 and receive RM80 as rebate) -- u need to call the Astro Marketing to get the better offer -- RM80 (paid to their contractor after they install the dish for u) and no other hidden charges. But u need to sign up for 2 years contract, with minimum of RM54.95 each month. So the best way to start is to sign up the sports and learning channels, which total up to RM54.95. U can always add channels FOC in future. Enjoy! :)

sbanboy said...

Meaning free decoder ??? Cool ... will give them a call ...hehe...thanks for the info

TZ said...

Bro, can i drop by your place for Astro ah?

The Astro that i usually watch has gone with my sis when she moved out last weekend... :-p

okay ah? :-p

sbanboy said...

Hey just gave them a call ... should have astro set up by Wed... I am getting the 50 bucks a month package with 100 buck installation and the decoder is free... thanks for the tip

You can come anytime bro :) but no sports channel .. ok ah ? hehe