Friday, 30 November 2007

A 5 minute lunch

Now that my sister is married and she had already moved out of my apartment.... I had to figure out ways to cook express meals ... there are days I will just have some milo, oatmeal, cereals or biscuits for lunch or dinner... 

So this is what I had for lunch and it took me only 5 minutes.

5 minutes to heat up the frozen vegetable in the microwave oven while I fried the egg... where I added some herbs and pepper to spice it up a bit.... voila I have my lunch ready.

I still have to meet up with dobbs for her microwave all in one recipes.  I even bought a book on how to cook ... maybe that can turn into a new passion ...hehe ... not easy to cook for one person though.

Wow what bliss ... Astro and lunch... :)

*Picture taken with SE K810i


dobbs said...

Pretty good pic with your phone camera. Yes I will have to teach you some basic rules of MW cooking!

Josh said...

Whoah... cook for ownself, so good. I'm not that rajin la..

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot ... yup seriously need some crash course in cooking

Well bro .. what to do ... outside so oily and most fried ... I am trying to watch my diet ...hehe...and hopefully someday cook for my special One :)

fibrate said...

*pat on back*
You're better wife material than me! :)

lynnx01 said...

I am a girl yet I can't cook. HAhaha... I am not supposed to be telling the whole world this secret. LOLz... btw, I want the phone!! But so tight on budget lately.

sbanboy said...

Hehe ... no lah ... this is survival !!!! hehe

The phone ah ?? Get next year ... sure price will drop :) So far I am happy with it

You can always enroll in dobbs' cooking classes ...hehe

Benesan said...

how bout cook a normal meal, and freeze into individual serves to reheat for whenever you want them :P
You need variety and not egg & vegie!