Saturday, 13 October 2007

Me of little faith

Romans 8:28 NASB

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Me of little faith ...... so many things had clouded my vision ... making me forget that God is in control. That ALL things do work for good to those who love Him....

God never ceases to amaze me again and again .... remember I mentioned earlier that I might not make it for my sister's wedding as I will be having my exams.  God planned it in such a way that I will finish my exams a day earlier .... I will be in the first 2 batches to go for the viva (oral ) session ... so I finish a day earlier and I will be able to attend my sister's wedding.  When I saw my exam schedule ... all I could do was praise God and asked Him for forgiveness for doubting that He will always give me the best.  Only God could had made it happen.   Praise God !!! It also gave me a second wind to go all out for this exams ... to make it count.  God is good all the time :)


yltan said...

hey...all the best for the exams..keep calm and you know it all. you just need to show them you know those stuffs. Its all in a days work... do this all the time, every single day... cheers... p/s if pass drinks on you next month

Sunshine said...

hi. such a nice blog. i have ur wordprress blog n my blogroll and jst got in there to leave a line and i discovered that u have moved in here. well, as usual, nice and interesting blog.

please check out my blog when you have time. got sth for ya there.

keep writing...they are inspiring!

God bless.


lynnx01 said...

Praise Him! There are some incidents now that I recall where His Divine intervention granted me many opportunities in life too.

winniethepooh said...

all the best n im sure ur sis will be really happy to know u will be able to attend her wedding too! :)