Sunday, 7 October 2007

Lost in Your love ....

It's You ....

It’s You, You who have won my heart
Taken me into Your arms
Comforted me like a friend
Your Love
Surrounded me from the start
I never want to be apart
from You ever again

I want to sing
Until i am lost in Your love
Till I’m found in Your presence
Worshipping before Your throne
Move by Your Spirit
Entering into Your flow
How precious this moment
Lord, I want You to know

This is one of the old old old songs ( shows which generation I am in right now ) which used to be sung in my church. Today Kok Hon led the worship and decided to sing some oldies. The amazing part was that .... even though it was an old song ... it brought back memories when I used to sit in the balcony ... staring into the sky ... singing this love song to God ... when my love for God was undivided ... when there was only Him and Him alone ... my love for Him was simple .... my first love. No questions asked ... fully surrendered and He alone can comfort and satisfy me. Over the years ... the heart had grown colder ... harder ..... due to the hurts and scars inflicted by myself and others ..... more skeptical ... more cautious ..... more questions.... more walls ..... and I keep looking for something to fill me up ... to satisfy me ... to complete me ... when God alone can.

And today at church .... the tears flowed freely again. It was just Jesus and me .... yes just the both of us ... I am His and He is mine. Just basking in His presence ... enjoying each other's company and presence .... and all things become like shadows in the light of God. And I sang this song ... fervently ... with my whole heart ... with my very being .... and yes I was brought to the place of my first love. It is only You, Jesus .... only You. Because man will always fail and change but You alone never fails and remain the same ... Your love for me is unconditional.

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Dr ve Thru said...

Sometimes it is the older songs that tug at our heart's strings.

During the Welsh revival, most of the hymns were straight out of the bible and that is why the songs speak to us many a time. Nothing more powerful than God's Word itself.

Bless you.