Thursday, 18 October 2007

Exercise, brunch and books

Still zonked out from my post call yesterday.  I am off today .... plan to get alot of studying done.  Getting used to the headache which always lingering around .... not relieved by Panadol nowadays ... need to find another source of relief.  

Anyway exams are just 3 weeks away .... I can't stop now ... must keep going on.  

Woke up... cycled for 15 mins burned 165 calories ... sweat like crazy .. heart rate range 140 -160 beats per minute.   Will try to increase the time and do this consistently.

Gonna go out for brunch now and plant myself somewhere to do some intensive brain frying session.

Have a great day.


poohbearee said...

I understand the part abt the headaches. I get it when I am v stressed too.

Will rem u in prayers. Take care and do u best. 3 more weeks to go :)

TZ said...

Bro, a good start to do some light exercise... keep it up :-)

winniethepooh said...

jia you!

doc said...

that's the irony of it - cycle like crazy for 15mins & all it takes is one ice-kacang & you're back to square 1.