Friday, 19 October 2007

Dinner with TZ

Was not feeling too yesterday...sister was busy with her wedding preparations and her new house which she will be moving in after she gets married in Nov.   TZ gave me a call asking me out for dinner as he will be working out at Summit.  I am glad that at least I had made some good friends from my blog ..... so he came to pick me up for dinner after his workout ... as I did not have a great appetite .... we decided to have chicken porridge at Uncle Lim's.

We talked about a lot of things ..... 

After dinner, TZ wanted to get some fruits and cereals from Cold Storage ... so we head over there ..... I bought some milo 3 in 1 packets ... wanted to look for the Wasabi flavored potato chips and I got a deadly stare from TZ .... well in the end I just ended up with the low sugar low fat milo 3 in 1 packet.

On the way back... I was just thanking God for bringing people into my life at the right time..... I learned to accept that nothing remains the same forever and I treasure the friends that He had given me ... some stayed ... some had gone .... and life goes on.


winniethepooh said...

everyone we meet is there for a reason, for a season or a lifetime. hope u get well soon!

CP Waterman said...

Ha ha what a stare and it worked! High sodium & oil stuffed food like chips are not too good for you at least not for now. Try lots of fibre rich food & fruits.

Your current workout of taking away 100plus calories is fine for a start but its far too little to have any effect on your body in a longer run. (This morning I have just taken care of 1736 calories by running 21.8 km)So continue slowly to increase the workload of your workout to aim at burning at least 700 calories per session eventually. Try to do 3 sessions per week. You will be a changed man physically in 3 months. But don't wear your underwear inside out then ok!
The podridge and "liong fun" look so yum yum! You will be the first person I'll contact when I next go back to M'sia!
Take care & God bless!

lynnx01 said...

Speaking of wasabi-flavoured chips, I once used that to trick my friends. I would buy two differenty types - ori and wasabi. Put them all together in a dish and serve my friends. See who kenak the wasabi one, sure scream! Hahaha

sbanboy said...

Yup true true ... thanks

yup very cheng stare

Sure make sure u buzz me when u r back in Malaysia .... I pass u my contact number :)

Wah wicked ...hehe...but I like that idea :)