Saturday, 20 October 2007


Finally back to something which I used to do many years ago.... I first came across Callanetics in the 1990s.   I bought my first book at Times Bookstore.  It was something new that time .... no impact toning exercises.  Actually I was looking for an exercise to help out with my back pain.  I was having back pain due to all the running I used to when I was a teenager.   And Callanetics helped to relief the pain ... help me to tone up and stretch.   

So I am going back to my roots .... taking small steps to regain my health.  I will not give in so easily.  So it is back to Callanetics to tone up .... to increase my flexibility and eventually back to the gym  ... slow and steady.   

At first I was in denial ... in shock ... but I have decided to fight back.  I will not give in so easily without a fight.  After my exams it is back to regaining my health regardless of what happens.


mich said...

go things u like after ur exam..
hope u have a great weekend!

*hint* i think i got ur best friend with me d.. =p

winniethepooh said...

good to know that ure taking control of ur health.

good luck with both ur exams and health!

sbanboy said...

My best friend ???? Hmmmm

Thanks :)

mich said...

yea la ur "good friend"
u know la..

sbanboy said...

Seriously no idea

mich said...

ur headaches..
mine with gastric along