Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Ugh Conjunctivitis

Been having the "red eye" thingy for the past 2 days. Did eye wash ... eye drops .... but I think finally it is conjunctivitis. Came to work and I can hardly open my eyes ... it was RED, ITCHY, TEARING like a dam broke loose and SWOLLEN. I better not infect my patients and colleagues. Taken a number at the clinic in the hospital and am currently waiting for my number to be called. I hope I will get a few days to isolate myself from infecting others and I hope to recover before Sunday as I will be on call in ICU. Hmmm I seem to always fall sick before and after I am on call in ICU. Anyway inspite of the red eye and tearing and itchiness ... I have been pushing myself to keep studying.

Hope I will get well soon.
Picture taken with my Ipaq RW6828. It aint that great. Time for an upgrade ???

Update : Been chased out of the hospital.  Seen by a doctor at the Eye Clinic ... was told to take one week MC but I said that my MC will be deducted as leave as I am in the Masters Program as I was saving up my leave for studies.  So I was given MC till Friday.  Anyway just found out that after this MC  .... I only have one day leave left.  Oh well ... I was given 2 kinds of eye drops.  My roster maker is trying to find a replacement for me to do the ICU call this Sunday ... if not then I will have to do the call.  Well let's hope for the best and that I will recover by then.  


dobbs said...

Oh dear -- hope you get well soon!

poohbearee said...

Mayb it is your contact lenses?

Shah said...

Get well soon bro.....coz i don't want to end up doing your ICU call sunday... hehehe

sbanboy said...

Thanks but trying to study with conjunctivitis takes alot of determination ... :)

Nope not been wearing contact lenses for 2 I wonder

Aiyak ... A approached you to do my ICU call ? Oh dear .. must get well then ... hehe

Judy said...

Oh dear, I can see that your eye is quite sore. Pray that all will be well soon.

TZ said...

hey dude, get well soon eh!... take a good rest during your MC :->

winniethepooh said...

that looks really bad. When we are little, when we hv 'itchy red eye' we are told we cannot go outside, police will catch us coz this is a 'contagious' diseases.must stay at home.

hope u get lots of rest. If need be, better take a few days off from study.

CP Waterman said...

Take care brother!

Chen said...

take care, bro
hope u get well soon

Las montañas said...

eeks! red eye like vampire!

sbanboy said...

Appreciate the prayer

thanks :)

Yup stayed away from the books for a few day.

cp waterman
Thanks bro

Thanks chen

las montanas
Like a vampire .... wait I come suck your blood ...hehe :)