Monday, 10 September 2007

Sunday Drive to Kluang

Last Sunday, sis and I drove down to Kluang to pay our respects to my sister's fiancee's grandma who passed away peacefully last Friday.  It was a pleasant drive.  It took about 2 and a half hours from Seremban.  And thanks to the GPS unit, we managed to find the place without any hassle...though we needed to give my sis' fiancee a call to get the final directions as the GPS map for Kluang was not that updated to provide the directions to the exact location.

We stuck around for about an hour before we decided to head back to Seremban.  We decided to stop by The Kluang Rail Coffee shop which was known for their coffee and the "kaya butter" bun toast.  The shop was located in the Kluang train station.  It reminded me of the old coffee shops ambience.

The place was super packed with people

Kaya Butter toasted bun
The coffee ... yummy ... :)  Will definitely go again.

Anyway am back to USJ.  Will be heading to the library again.  Will be on call this Sunday.  I will be attending the seminar conducted by Dr Ray Strand on nutrition this Saturday organized by Daily Muscle ... you can get more information from his website.  Do come for the seminar and we can meet up for a chat or a cup of coffee :)


yltan said...

hey..can i ask a question? Now i have a tom tom sat nav here in the UK. I was thinking of bringing it home so i can use it since you mentioned that there are GPS system now... where can i download the maps???

sbanboy said...

Hey bro ... not too surea bout Tom tom sat nav but u can download maps for garmin and mapking at this forum which updates the maps of Malaysia and Singapore ... check it out

Hope this helps. I am using my ipaq RW6828 with Holux 236b and the software - gps proxy and garmin que :)

Jonzz said...

Yummy, the Kluang coffee and roti. I am suddenly reminded of how good they were.

winniethepooh said...

Condolences to your sister's fiancee's grandma.

That kaya butter toasted bun looks yummy, seems so soft and crispy been quite a while that I tasted kaya..kaya kaya i miss u :P

Las montañas said...

GPS! what happened to the good ole roadsigns?

poohbearee said...

Heehee..I know Kluang becos of trekking in Belumut.