Saturday, 15 September 2007

Romantic Dominos

Sis and I decided to have Dominos Pizza for dinner today.  Her fiancee also came along to have dinner with us.  There is promotion going on where you can order one regular pizza and get the 2nd regular pizza for just 10 CENTS !!!!!!!!!!  but then u will have to pick it up from the Pizza shop.
We decided to have the pizza at the playground within the apartment.... it gave a nice romantic feeling with the surrounding lighting....nice
The love birds and the artery clogging pizzas

Two of our favorite flavors ... Chicken Pepperoni and Spicy Sambal with thin crust .... yummy 


may said...

I miss having a good pizza! now that I'm back in the land of ang mohs, I'm sure I could do better than shakey's or domino's... LOL!

how's your sore eye?

TZ said...

Domino Pizza... yummy! my favor Extravaganzza which is my usual order :-p

sbanboy said...

My eyes are getting better but still sore


Las montañas said...

fiance, not fiancee (girl) LOL