Monday, 17 September 2007

A prayer request for DR RAZAK

Hi guys .... I just want to ask for a favor.... to pray for my friend's (who is a registrar in Anaesthesia) husband, Dr Razak (he is an orthopedic surgeon ... I had worked with him personally when I was in GHKL ...he is a gem of a guy .. humble ) who is a Chronic Myeloid Leukemia patient..... you can read about him and his progress at his blog.

He is currently undergoing chemotherapy but had been having some side effects of the drugs.  He will be undergoing bone marrow transplant ... correction ... he will be transfused with the apharesis ... cells harvested from his brother.....  on September 18th.  The donor is his very own brother.

Do pray for him .... that God will give him and his family the strength and take away the side effects.  Do pray for a successful bone marrow transplant and for a speedy recovery for both donor and recipient.  

Thanks alot.

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