Saturday, 15 September 2007

Out of the apartment finally .... nutrition and beamfest

Finally feel well enough to get out of my apartment.  I have practically locked myself up in my apartment since Wed... I really needed the rest.... which did me good.  I feel more refreshed.  But I hope I am able to push myself for the final preparations for my exams without falling sick again as I was not able to study much....well the rest did me good.

This Saturday I attended the Nutrition talk by Dr Ray Strand which was recommended by DailyMuscle.  The topic was about Oxidative Stress .... and in the end Dr Ray did try to recommend some multilevel marketing products from USANA.  Anyway it was good to attend a seminar once a while.  I bought 2 of his books. 
The seminar was held in Sime Darby Convention Centre..... I had no idea where it was ... erm not even my sister ...hehe.... but thank God for GPS ... I was able to plot my way to the place without any hassle.  TZ also joined me for the seminar.  Thanks alot buddy.

After the talk on the way back, I decided to find out if the Beamfest conducted by some of the members of Mypdacafe was still going on.  I still able to meet up with a few of them.  I finally got to meet Palmdoc in person.  It was great to share about the techno stuffs ... and the best part was that everyone was at the same wavelength.


TZ said...

Dude, thanks for arranging the ticket with Dailymuscle on the talk... I learnt a new term "Oxidative Stress". The talk has trigger my interest to know more about Oxidative Stress. So i got the opportunities to search thru google and come across couple of article about oxidative Stress... :->

Hey, dailymuscle... so you are the one that help us to arrange this.. Thanks a lot buddy! :-)

winniethepooh said...

glad that ure feeling better now. so take good care huh!

if ure talking to me about techno stuffs, i think u will 'vomit blood' me definitely not on the same wavelength not even close to the wavelength hehehe

hv a great weekend!

spinosum said...

I was at the SDCC today too, having lunch with some Dato's -- at China Treasures. Saw the Usana meeting near Halia restaurant -- but too bad, didnt have chance to meet u there! ;)

Wanted to head for the BF at Subang, but was too tired after that... hopefully the next round!

yltan said...

Hmm i recognise this place! Its Starbucks Carrefour right? Hahaha... pretty near to where i stay.. probably a stones throw away.

sbanboy said...

No prob ... thanks for tagging along :)

Thanks winniethepooh

Emm techno stuffs .... sometimes I wish I was not such a geek ...hehe...

Wah so close yet so far ...haha...we should meet up someday :)

Wei ... you stay so near ah ? I also stay nearby ... :)

yltan said...

yes... very near. In fact its a 5 minute walk away from my house. Well, hopefully when i am back to SJ, my new apartment, the one right beside Mesin niaga would be ready for me to move in! heheheh

sbanboy said...

Hey I know where that is .... hehe....

Jimbo said...

I'll have a copy of everything u beamed up! :-)