Sunday, 16 September 2007

My room .... updated

Ok finally followed the advice to clear the wires from the floor .... it is more neat now and less risk for me to trip over the wires ... hehe .... my macbook is another table.  Erm the wallpaper is from Maple Story ... the online game which I am currently playing .... which helps me to destress.  You can see the 6 Gb Blue Ipod Mini in a black silicon case just beside my macbook.  You can see that I am charging my bluetooth headset, my Ipaq RW6828 and my Holux 236b GPS receiver.  

You will notice that the mirror is missing now ... replaced by a whiteboard.  

Russell Watson is providing the background music with his vocals .. singing Amore e musica

Ok back to studying :)  Cheers.

You can view the previous arrangement here.

Oh well decided to put up the picture here as well so that you can compare the difference :)


poohbearee said...

But wat happened to the mirror? :)

L B said...

Ahhhh, the macbook!! Yes, yes, yes!!

sbanboy said...

Hehe ... kept it somewhere else loh .... coz enough practice already ... self viva ... haha

ah wong
Yes yes yes !!!!!

Judy said...

Hahaha, not only your room but I see your blog also had a make over. Nice!

sbanboy said...

Yeah ...hehe

I am still trying to figure out how to custom make my blogger template ... oh well after November .. I can experiment said...

I guess every computer has its own mess of wires

winniethepooh said...

hehe, now with wires out of the way, safer :) when ur blog first came on, i tot wrong blog until my eyes saw ur profile pic :)

good luck with ur studies :) jiayou jiayou!

just me said...

Looks good and neat!

No danger of you tripping over wires but then the tripping might wake you up should you doze off while studying?

Las montañas said...

I prefer the previous settings.

anyway, the chair is a torture to sit on! please get a nice genuine leather armchair!

day-dreamer said...

Eh you play Maple Story too!! Which server are you playing? What job and level is your character? :D

sbanboy said...

Yeah ...hehe..just hope that i wont trip over mine

Hehe ... it was time for a change

just me
HEhe.... books put me to sleep

las montanas
Leather chair better meh ?

day dreamer
Yeah I play Maple Story ... I have a magician lvl 27 which I wan to transform into an ice wiz..... I play in the Aquila ... id Macmania ... come look for me ...hehe