Thursday, 27 September 2007

I am still jinx !!!

I am still jinx !!!! I guess that should be my middle name ... since I started work I had always been stuck with the most busiest calls and with the most problematic patients ever !!!! Problematic meaning that it is a challenge to treat them and they just happen to pay a visit to the hospital when I am on call.

I was planning to have dinner with a friend today after my afternoon shift in the hospital ... well little did I know that I will be stuck in the hospital way past the working hours. Well I am supposed to be off by 6 pm so that I can beat the jam and meet up for dinner. Well I guess I will be stuck here till about 9 pm or so ..... and yes this kind of things only happen to me.

Maybe it is a sign for me to change my profession ...hmmmm


just me said...

Don't in Him

CP Waterman said...

Ha ha care to join me?

Judy said...

Sometimes, when you are going through things you dislike, little do you know that God has plans for you.

It is not only till years later, whatever you experience later in life will make you reflecr and say, "Wow, now I know why I had to go through that", and start thanking God for knowing that all things happened in the past was to prepare you for the future.

I know it is not pleasant but if you give you, you may not see the hands of God on your life. :)

sbanboy said...

just me
Thanks for the reminder

cp waterman
Sure or not ??? I come join you ah

Thanks for the reminder