Sunday, 2 September 2007

Great to be home .....

It had been great to be home .... for a few days.  It was great to fellowship again ... thanks to Kok Hon.  Pastor Marianne's message this Sunday was spot on ... exactly what I needed to hear as always.  It made me realize that I become more alive when I am back in church among friends and loved ones....when the word of God nourishes my starving soul.   The fellowship quenches the need to belong.   It made me realize that I should seriously consider getting involved in a church over that I can grow, belong and serve.  I have been attending FGA Subang Jaya ... but mainly as a "back bench" Christian.  Just go for the service and then go straight home.  I will not be going back so often to Seremban as exams are drawing near.  So for one last time .. I will study and hope for the best for my primary exams as this is my final attempt.  And life must go on.

Sorry for the lack of update.  I have taken tons of pictures of Siem Reap.  I also took alot of pictures when I was back in Seremban.  I took portraits of the church staffs and the pastors.   I also became one of the "hing tai" (brothers) for one of the church member who is getting married today.  All in all it was a fun trip .. to be home.  To have a meal together with my lovely family .. mom, dad and sister.  Those are the precious moments which I will treasure in my heart always.

But always at the back of my mind ... is the upcoming exams.  Once and for all ... I want to get this over it.  Whatever the outcome.... I will do my best with no regrets.

Do continue to keep me in prayer.... I need it.  To remain focus.  To understand and remember what I have studied.  For good health and a sound and focused mind.  Thanks alot

Take care and God bless... 


CP Waterman said...

Man I love that laksa, especially after a swim!hehe
Yes, November is less than a stone throw away and you need to start cracking at it already. Plan well, allocate your time well and study well. May the Holy Spirit helps you all the way through.Amen!
Take care & God bless!

sbanboy said...

cp waterman
Thanks :)