Sunday, 30 September 2007

Dinner with Chen

Last Wednesday ... I managed to meet up with Chen for dinner ... we decided to meet up at Midvalley .  I was doing morning shift so I was able to go to Midvalley after spending a couple of hours in the library.   It was already very crowded when we reached Midvalley.  Chen came by commuter and I drove.... I was fortunate enough to get a parking place.  

Both of us finally decided have dinner at Manhattan Fish restaurant.  We reached about 615 pm so we able to have a seat before the "buka puasa" crowded started coming.
We went for the buka puasa package ... the seafood platter ... yummy 

I kinda like this drink ..... Soya ros .... nice
Mussels in cream ..... 
The seafood platter
Erm the Tiramisu ... I forget to take pictures of it before we attacked it
I had a great time ..... it was great to catch up with Chen ..... plan to pay her a visit maybe end of this year :)


L B said...

LOL at the Tiramisu! But the Seafood Platter just made my tummy go PANG!!

David said...
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narrowband said...

The Seafood Platter is always my standard order whenever I visit MFM ;p

Chen said...

seafood seafood..
luckily not "see"food like those sitting next to us..
u know what i mean, right? :P

poohbearee said...

Wat's soya ros?

Winnie said...

good food, good company, what more can u ask for? hehehe im sure Chen is a wonderful companion, always has a sense of humour hehehe

i oso curious, new flavour that just came out? soya bean milk + rose syrup?

day-dreamer said...


Oh gosh, this is so torturing, I came on an empty stomach. :(

may said...

ok, now both of you can come over for dinner tonight, ya? faster!! best seafood in town here!

Las montañas said...

aiyoh! the seafood with all the creamy sauces so delicious!! eat eat eat ..

Anastasia said...


Hehe, that's what I miss when I'm in Singapore, buka puasa deals.

And the tiramisu looks delicious. =P