Sunday, 2 September 2007

Asian Laksa, Senawang, Seremban

When I was back in Seremban.... managed to have lunch with Kok Hon at Asian Laksa which is located at Senawang in Seremban.  There are actually 2 branches.  One here and the other one is located at Jalan Loop, Rahang.  The one in Senawang is the first branch and had retained the standard all these years.  We prefer the Asian Laksa here when compared to the one in Jalan Loop.
Tea with coffee and milk with no sugar :) .. nice
You order the laksa with the curry chicken.  I prefer to eat it without the chicken.

They have started selling "yong tau fu" also which was quite yummy.


Jonzz said...

LOL, gotta give u credit. You made Asia Laksa look better than the real thing in the photos.

doc said...

if it's really that good, then you owe me a bowl, after the exams.

winniethepooh said...

looks yummy..the last time i had laksa was from those pre mix, well, wat to do :P no cockles one of my fav hehe

TM said...

I gotta agree with you..Senawang's is da best!

Judy said...

Oh, that laksa looks so good, so lemak, so LAKSALLY GOOD!! I want!

sbanboy said...

thanks :)

no prob ... I can belanja you after the exams :)

oh ? pre mix ... next time u r in Malaysia ... I will take u there for a bowl of laksa

when we are going ?

come lah ... we go eat