Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Today is mom's birthday

Today is my mom's 64th birthday. We managed to celebrate her birthday at the Mizi Shabu Shabu Japanese Steamboat in Puchong last Saturday on August 11th as I was on call on August 12th Sunday.

I took some pictures at the steamboat which I will post later.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently ... I still have tons of pictures of Siem Reap to process.... I still have not fully recovered .... still coughing ... sputum is yellow again....been feverish. There are 2 things on my mind currently :

1. My exams in November and the preparations
2. I will not be able to attend my sister's wedding which is in Nov as my exams will still be going on......

More sacrifices ......

Tomorrow I will be going for my medical checkup .... hopefully everything will be fine.

Update some pictures from mom's bday dinner

Each of us have our individual heating pot

The end result :)


TZ said...

hey dude, first of all, happy belated birthday to your mom... :-)

I think you have to consider to hit the gym regularly to strength your health... I used my business analyst skill to analyze that you are not in a very healthy lifestyle... that's might be the main contribute to your come and go sickness.

Take care bro... and get well soon so that you would be able to concentrate on your study eh!

winniethepooh said...

happy belated birthday to ur mommy. Am sure the food is yummy..all wipped out :)

take care too, with good health then can do alot of other things yeah..

Chen said...

Happy Belated birthday to auntie :)

Judy said...

Happy belated birthday to Sbanboy's mum. She is so young.

Japanese steamboat? Never had it.

I am sure it was a lovely day for your mum.

Anonymous said...

mum is always the best. Happy birthday to your mummy.

sbanboy said...

thanks for all your well wishes :)