Friday, 10 August 2007

Still not feeling well

I guess my body is gonna give up on me. After abusing it in Siem Reap ... I think I sick again. Headaches, bodyaches and fever is creeping up on me again. I am on call again this coming Sunday ... hope it will be quiet.


~Just a guest~ said...


I dont know how else to say , but certainly do agree that we might not understand totally what you are going through. But bear in mind, each failure is a trial put forward by God . Seems unfair, but we've just gotta move on...

Just gotta live each day by faith, and truly believe in Him.

**I'm going thru almost the same thing, holding on no matter how very fine the last strand is ~~

Get well soon!

winniethepooh said...

i think u know what me this 'ah ma' will say, 'time to go and see a doc, get a good rest (MC), take ur medicine before u get worst..always nip the problem at the bud u will be better faster..

take care

sbanboy said...

just a guest
thanks alot ... it means alot to me ... that someone can identify with me and not judge.

You too ... hang in there

thanks alot big sister !!!

will take TZ's advice to exercise regularly.... plan to stay back in lib till about 10 pm and hit the gym for 30 mins on the way back

Chen said...

sorry to hear about that. I'm down with URTI too.. So many people falling sick lately, blame it on the poor air quality. Haze is back again... :(

Hope u get well soon :)

sbanboy said...

thanks ... hope you will get well soon too