Sunday, 19 August 2007

Siem Reap : Tonle Sap Lake

Next we headed up to Tonle Sap which literally mean Great Lake.  It is the largest fresh water lake in South East Asia. ..... more info here

Once we arrived ... we got on a boat to tour the lake .... and the boat ride cost about 40 USD !!!

Life goes on as usual at the lake .... here you can see people washing their utensils in the muddy lake water.
Lazing around for the afternoon
During the boat ride ... there were people on their boats coming along side the our boat to sell stuffs like soft drinks, souvenirs, etc.

One of the sweet looking girls who wanted to sell us some soft drinks ... how can we resist ....

Since it was monsoon month in Cambodia ... it was very cloudy.  We actually came to Tonle Sap to watch the sunset but it was too cloudy.  

Rick and me .... both avid photographers .... hehe....and since we are both so busy taking pictures of things, landscapes and other people ... it was one of the rare occasions where we had our pictures taken :)

This was how the sky looked like when we arrived at this floating restaurant and fish and crocodile farm..... 

This was how the sky looked like when we left ... thank God that we managed to get back to dry land before the rain hit hard.
Angry looking clouds !

These were out seats .... so imagine when we are riding on rough waters

Crocodiles at the farm

Phew reaching dry land

Made it !!! This was the car we took for our daily trips to the temple and other interesting places ....

Next will be the Cambodian traditional dance :)


jane said...

lovely pics! yea, the girl has a really sweet face. And the little boy is gonna grow up to be a hunk! :D

Judy said...

Great photos. Is that boy Cambodian? He looks mixed.

I always wanted to go to places like this but ...... one day. £35 from my car won't take me far! :)

Morten Iversen said...

Hi, nice pics - just came by at my free surfing. Greetings from Denmark!

winniethepooh said...

life seems so peaceful n quiet; and wow, USD$40 for a boat ride..Guess ur friend Rick and u both must have taken lots of pics to share and exchange :)

hv a great week ahead!

fibrate said...

Ah, Tonle Sap. The world's largest sewage pond :)

Nice pictures. Sadly I ran out of memory when I got there so pictures were mostly taken with my Sony Cybershot.

Anonymous said...

Wah brother...what a life to enjoy there? No croc in the river ma? Did you ever check whether they 'do their business' in the river too? Surely this place also has its own marketing

sbanboy said...

Hey thanks for dropping by :)

He is Cambodian but I think he is mixed

One day can go :)

morten iversen
Thanks for dropping by

We took like nearly 10 gigabytes of pictures ....hehe

Yeah 40 USD is quite exp

Yeah in a sense it is a large sewage pond ...hehe

Must always bring enough memory cards or bring an external card reader ... now quite cheap

Mine is digiboy for RM115 and then the hd depends on how big you want it. So in about 300 bucks you can get yourself about 80 gig of storage :)