Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Siem Reap tomorrow ....but......

I am flying to Siem Reap tomorrow at about 10 am and I will arrive at 1110 am. Guess what ... I still have not packed yet ... something is bugging me .... at the back of my mind I am thinking of my upcoming exams. Should I bring a book along to read ?

Hmmmm .... I guess I am just feeling a bit down.

Ok will update with some photos when I get back.


~Just a guest~ said...

Hey there,

Kinda know what you feel, that you would not be able to travel with a peaceful mind as there is always this exam at the back of your mind.

I have had similar experience recently. Been there , done that.

But first let me congratulate you on your success of your appeal. Let this person here who has failed an exam repeatedly, but finally passed it with much perserverance. It is a difficult endurance, but you just gotta tell yourself " Only with hard work, success becomes sweeter"

And I have faith in you! Enjoy Siem Reap and Angkor Wat for now before coming back to hell (which will take you to the tunnel of light , eventually:) )

day-dreamer said...

Bon voyage!!

Just leave everything behind and have fun! Then when you come back, it's time to concentrate fully on the books again. :)

[danial][ma] said...

enjoy your trip...leave the worries behind and do some clicks with your camera...just enjoy yourself bro! take care... ;)

dobbs said...

Have a good trip and take a break from work and worries!

TZ said...

Throw away all the stuff in Malaysia and enjoy yourself eh!

Worry when you come back otherwise the holiday will be wasted :-P

Chen said...

u dun have to bring any books lah..
cos u won't read it during your vacation..
just enjoy your short trip and come back recharged :)
have fun :)

winniethepooh said...

hv lots of fun, take lots of pic and enjoy!!


Judy said...

Have a good holiday. Don't worry too much. Take each day as it comes.

Aiyah, I am sure you already know all these. Just sometimes we can't help the silly niggly feeling to overcome us.

Go and have fun!

Jimbo said...

It's a bit late, but I say ditch the book. Enjoy!

Musa said...

doc... when are you coming back ah? wishing you have a great time!

sbanboy said...

Thanks guys

It is great to be back ... I did not even touch my book ..hehe :)