Thursday, 9 August 2007

Pondering about life ... looking forward ... forgetting the past

I was on call ICU yesterday .... post call today .. as usual I had to rest. It was not like years ago I could still go out and window shop or hang out with friends after my post call. Years are catching up. My body is not like before. I must not abuse it further.... or else I will pay the consequences later. Even now I already feel the effect in my body. I realize that I dont want to be doing 24 hours on call all my life....will my life take a different path later in life ?

But for now ... I have packed my camera into my air tight silica laden plastic casing. I have taken out my books again. Looking through my notes. Just another time .... keep focused. Just another 3 months to go before I break free from this cycle which I have been going through for about 3 years now. I am getting tired. People had meant well and told me things which they think is right .... but the truth is, they will never understand what I am going through or how I feel because they themselves have not gone through the same situation. So I will continue to look to God Who alone sees through all the masks, the laughter, the smile and the brave front that I put on each day as I go to work ... as I face life. He alone holds me together in one piece.

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers .... thanks for cheering me on.


TZ said...

hey bro, cool picture eh! ... i always like to sit like that too. :->

Your entry sounds very sad and moody... what happened? BTW, i would like to be direct to you... tell you why you are so moody lah! Never go exercise mah! All the stress is accumulated in your mind and body... Never release that's why your body got tired fast. :-)

BTW, We will support you in your study although we could not help you much... put your full focus for these 3 months, you will enjoy after that :->

winniethepooh said...

u look like ure pondering real hard...keep well, and keep praying. All will be well.


Yan said...

Hi, I do not know who said this -

Look backwards with Gratitude
Look upwards with Confidence
and forward with Hope

I think that suits for a time like this.

Remember you in my prayers!

Musa said...

Cheer up boy...

like you said.. Look forward, forget the past.. always trust in Him.

Have a Bless weekend.

Dr.M said...

who r u studying with ? We can always join forces & viva sessions together soon. Currently having my intensive course and if you are keen , we'll plan something !! Lets do it !!

sbanboy said...

Thanks bro

thanks alot

appreciate the prayers

He is the only reason for living

dr. m
Great !!! So far have been solo .... u have my number right ?

Chen said...

Whatever the outcome is, u know u have tried your very best. Cheer up. Have a blessed weekend and hope u get well soon :)

narrowband said...

Nice photo, taken in one of the temples in Siem Reap, I see! I took lots of photos too when I was there.

You sound unhappy. Whatever it is, you won't feel 'down' for long... there is always a silver lining waiting!