Tuesday, 7 August 2007

First Meal in Siem Reap and Bou Savy Guest House

AirAsia was on time and we arrived after 2 hours of flying. The owner of the Bou Savy Guest House came to pick us up from the airport. There were no problems with the imigration. All went smoothly.

The ride to the guest house only took about 10 mins. It was quite near the airport and just by the main road. The people who worked at the guest house was warm and helpful.

After we checked into our rooms, we had our lunch.
Chicken dish ... called Amok Chicken ... basically it is chicken cooked in coconut
Fried pork with steam rice
Angkor beer ... 70 cents USD
Clean toilet
Cable TV and a fridge

The rooms were big and air conditioned with attached bathroom.


fibrate said...

Ah, Angkor Beer, same price as Coke!

poohbearee said...

The TV looks v small. Heehee.

How many photos did u take in all?

lynnx01 said...

The toilet looks decent. The one my friends went to was horrible.. lousy drainage system. I must show them this pic.

Judy said...

Adoi, from food suddenly go and show us toilet seat! Eewwww!

Angkor as in Anchor beer? **thinking, thinking**

TZ said...

Dude, I regreted that i did not accept your offer earlier...

Wow! cheap beer! yummy!... food too looks so good! hey did you went mad after eating the Amok chicken... :-p

BTW, after you show us the toilet, what is the relationship between food and toilet? You know what? first come into my mind is that the food was having problem and straight away you needed a toilet... LoL :-p

lynnx01: does your friend have the toilet picture to show?

sbanboy said...

Yeah loh ...but I drank water most of the time ... it was my friend who kept ordering angkor beer

Yeah but at least got cable TV ...hehe

I took like over a thousand pictures

Yeah the bathroom was nice

Hehe ... yeah hor .. I should make a separate posting ...hehe

They had anchor beer also cheaper woh ... at 60cents USD

Hehehe ....

Next time we go somewhere else :)

winniethepooh said...

I would have love to see the bed (that one is always the most important to me :P) and if there's any nice scenery from the window :)

it looks very clean and neat. The food taste yummy? :)

Yan said...

The TV looks like a toy. My son would love it :)

Food looks yummy through your eyes. I love the pictures.

Something missing - no long mirror in the room? I just stayed in a hotel in Bintulu that has magical mirror. It's not "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?", it's the type that makes you look slimmer. A doctor friend confirms that it makes you look 10% slimmer!

How about that?

Enjoy your holidays.

Amazonman said...

The dish in the pic was amok fish lah.... we had amok chicken in the siem reap restaurant next to Star Mart, remember?

Las montañas said...

what! hope you didn't run amok after eating the chicken!!