Thursday, 23 August 2007

Fiber, lens and botak

This is my lastest craving ... Nasi Kerabu It is rice with lots of vegetable. Nowadays I tell the aunty not to put the salted egg. I just eat it plain with the rice and the raw vegetable. So far the only healthy food I can find at my hospital. At least no problem when I do my "business" in the morning ;)

I also started wearing contact lens again ..... thinking that it will reduce eye strain when I am studying in the lib and also hopefully some ah moi will look at me twice .... but it was good to chuck the glasses aside once in a while. I am using Acuvue Clear monthly disposable lens.

I also decided to cut my hair even shorter ..... my barber told me if I wanted it any shorter, then I might else be shaved bald .... hehe....but it was nice ... no need to comb my hair when I get up in the morning. Can also save money on shampoo ... maybe I should just gel it up.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I am using the same contact lens reason was to 'timbul' sikit my eyes..otherwise ah..too deep some more too sepet..your haircut like musa one...

poohbearee said...

urrrghhsss. The dish looks yucky.With those super raw beansprouts :P

Contact lens is more of vainity? heehee. I tot specs is less straining for the eyes.

Las montañas said...

come to the Monty space vanity station! we do up your eyes, hair, face and whatever body part you want to change for the better! 100% guaranteed!

poohbearee said...

Shit. I realised I spelt vanity wrongly.

TZ said...

Agree on healthy food does not taste good... but you have to choose Health or Taste :-0

I wished i could wear contact lense but because of my eyes are super sensitive... i tried contact and use up the whole box of tissue... Crying :'(

Sbanboy and Dalatau, both of you are luck lah! Able to wear contact... Me jealous!

sbanboy said...

Is it ? I am still trying to get used to it .... I have small eyes mah ... :)

yucky but healthy loh ...hehe

las montanas
FOC ah ?

Nevermind ... I understood what you meant ...hehe

You cant wear contact lens ah ? It is not a big plus point either .... have to poke that thing into your eye ... dry eyes ... etc etc :)

Judy said...

Nice nasi kerabu. Never tried it before.

Contact lens do reduce the strain of the eyes. Maybe I should go back to them. :)

Hahaha, gel your hair? Save on shampoo spend on gel. Mmmm....

winniethepooh said...

might be shaving it all off will be gd too? save on shampoo AND on gel hehehe

Chen said...

short hair is good. Save time and shampoo, just as what u mentioned. LOL