Monday, 2 July 2007


Zzzzzzzz.......zzzzzzzzzzzz .... hmmm dont understand why I am always so sleepy when I try to study in the library in the afternoons ... chronic fatigue syndrome ???? Hmmm ... how to get myself energized ? Any suggestions ?

I know that I need to exercise regularly ....... but I am just so tired most of the time .... hmmm...... I guess I need to force myself to exercise in order to gain more energy and a healthy body and ....... etc ...anyone willing to be my workout partner ... seriously need to be accountable to someone .....


poohbearee said...

I vote Raymond. Hahahaha.

doc said...

a few pointers....

are you getting enough sleep?
are you eating too much?
are you eating too little?

have you checked your Hb/diabetic/thyroid status?

are you using scavenging in OT?

once you have found the reason(s), do tell me bcos i'll do the opposite, as i'm an insomniac!!

yltan said...

aiyo sbanboy... photocopied book and place on internet ah... copyright abuse lah..hheehehhe

i take 2 packets of coffee and still fall asleep when i was revising for exams.

day-dreamer said...

I don't know why, but somehow when I take up books that I have to study for exams, my mind tend to wander off somewhere, particularly Dreamland. :D

CP Waterman said...

With your type of work schedule and also exam just round the corner, to commit to train with a workout partner may just take away precious time, well at least for now. Besides, a suitable workout partner may not be easy to get, like you correctly said, must be accountable for each other.
I had similar problem back in 1996 where I co owned a quarry. I felt sleepy & tired all the time.
I first marked down my physical condition -weight,waist,blood pressure,Resting Pulse rate; blood cholesterol etc. And then I started jogging consistently,either alone or with whoever I met outside the local golf course. Of course I could only jog for 200m at first but after 6 months - the results :-
weight from 91kg to 74kg; waist from 41 inches to 33; blood pressure from 140 100 to 118 77; Resting pulse rate from 90 to 51; Blood cholesterol back to normal.I was revitalised!
Above all,I made so many running friends and attracted many others to join in the run as well. Many of them completed a full marathon with me in Penang and 2 eventually became my cell group leaders in the church I pioneered!
But the part I like best - God even speaks to me when I run.
So, you wanna give jogging a run for your life? let me show you how.
All praise be to God.

[danial][ma] said...

have a morning or evening walk...

eve said...

You kenot force yourself to workout one..It wont last..Mebbe you nid hypnosis and some NLP ( neurolinguistic programming)..hehe..I as usual pandai cakap oni..kenot

fibrate said...

Gas leak in OT?

Tea/coffee works for me. Not the healthiest option but it's short term.

Bernard said...

Go to a gym with many subjects to cuci mata.

Then the mata will buka all the time.

anastasia said...

Hey, going to the library is the first step! Haha.
Maybe the library's too quiet and too conducive for sleeping?

And get a workout buddy who's bossy and very driven, then s/he can drive you to exercise too.

sbanboy said...

I also vote for Raymond :)

Maybe I am not sleeping enough ... I have a tendency to sleep late and get up very early


Coffee does not work on me anymore. But if I take tea at night ... I wont be able to sleep at night but it dont work in the daytime ... hmmm

day dreamer
Hey it happens to me !!!

cp waterman
Can I be accountable to you ?

Wah ... I think I am seeing the solution to my problem

danial ma
Most of the time I am still in the hospital. Trying to join the gym in the hospital but then my membership at the gym in Taipan will be a waste ...hmmm ... must find a way

Hmmm good idea ...hehe

Can I be hypnosed to think that I am thin ???? ;)

I think it is more than a gas leak ...:D

My gym ah .. .consists of old ladies nothing to cuci mata ...hehe

YEah loh still looking for a training partner ... :D

Dame RoSse said...

what about kopi o kaw-kaw?

ps. first time here, interesting entries.

Las montañas said...

Iron deficient?

Start gnawling at iron bars. ;)

Take ginseng. beri good.
Check your diet. too much simple sugars and carbo isn't going to be helpful to stay alert and awake.

Raymond said...

self prescribe some lorazepam or stillnox dude,it works for me esp when i feel sleepy during studying.
Good luck in your appeal man

sbanboy said...

dame rosse
Kopi ah ? I will fall asleep the next second ...hehe

Thanks for dropping by

las montanas
Iron deficient ? Far from it ..hehe

Wah lorazepam keeps u awake ????

lynnx01 said...

I get what you mean.. I'm always so sleepy when I study too. Getting a workout partner is a good idea. But the process of getting one is not easy sometimes because different ppl have difference timing and preference.