Sunday, 15 July 2007

A wonderful Sunday

Today .. I got up at about 630 am .... to attend a church in USJ where the 1st morning service is at 730-930 am and the 2nd service was at 11 am to 1pm. It was great to be able worship God corporately. I will still try out the other churches which had been recommended by my home church pastors.

After church I decided to check out Mydin which is nearby to get some pens and CD organizer to organize my CDs. I did spring cleaning of my bed room so that it will be conducive to study at home. Previously I had a lot of tall shelves in my room to keep all my books. But it made the room feel so congested ..... sometimes I feel that I have no room to breath or even to stretch out. Now I feel more refreshed in my room. More room to stretch out and do some Callanetics to tone up.

While walking around in Mydin, I received a phone call from TZ ... a new friend I made recently who is really a fitness buff and we decided to meet up for lunch at Pizza Uno. It was great to finally meet up and have a meal together.
Karen's Potato

Deep Fried Mushrooms
Calamari Salad ... yummy ... first time I tried it
Aglio Olio ... spagetti with olive oil and spices and garlic.

TZ was telling me ways to get myself back on track to reclaiming my health. Anyway I asked to be accountable to him as I am super lazy in going to gym. At least there is someone who I need to answer to. Moreover.... must lost weight before my sister's wedding as I will be keeping my eyes wide open for .......... well when the time is right ... I will find her someday :)

Well it was a wonderful Sunday. Gonna sweat it out, have my bath and hit the books.


TZ said...

Dude, thanks for bringing me to Pizza Uno... it was a nice and light lunch :-> Yummy!...

BTW, nice meeting you f2f ... i'm glad you are going to try out to make a change on your diet for a week... hey dude, remember changing the diet is not enough, you have to do more exercise in the gym.

Get up and go for gym, don't you wanna a nice body like me ... hehehe! :-p

poohbearee said...

exercise 40% diet 60% for weight loss. For me diet is harder than exercising :(

Nice to hv someone for motivation.
Jia you!

Hey, rem I will be seeing u at one of the races soon ah? :)

sbanboy said...

It was my pleasure buddy :)

Thanks for all the tips .... now I am consciously reminding myself that someone will be checking on me ... no more cheating or slacking ...hehe

Need to start dragging myself to the gym

Cool :)

Well can email me some tips or email me some healthy recipes ...hehe

Yup maybe someday I will go for the races ...but first need to get my act together first :)

Judy said...

Hungry already. Can't comment anymore! :))
That calamari looks absolutely tender, moist and delicious.

day-dreamer said...


fibrate said...

Surely must hit the gym after a meal like that! :)

lynnx01 said...

The good looks good. Wait.. I think it's more like your photography skill is good. :D

poohbearee said...

I dun really hv tips leh. if u hv u can email me instead. :)

Happy exercising and dieting. if u need some blogger fren to nag n remind u i can offer to do it. heehee.

CP Waterman said...

Amazing! Amazing! I mean the FOOD!

You can also go to buckeye and start a log there. Let me know your user name, that way, we can keep an eye on each other, brother!
My user name:- waterman

-"Tham Chiak"

sbanboy said...

Yup I loved the calamari too ...hehe

day dreamer
Me too !!1

oh yeah gym .... :)

The food is really good :)

Sure u can remind me ...hehe

cp waterman
Next time u back in Malaysia ...we go eat loh :)