Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Still the jonah and still sick .... maybe worst

I just got up. I only slept about a hour and a half. I was hoping that my call yesterday would not be so busy .... was coughing away .... hope I did not infect any of my patients or my colleagues. Some of my patients' condition were so unstable that I practically had to be sitting by the bed ... trying to crack my head what to do ... of course I realized that I should have taken leave to rest as I feel that I was doing more harm to my body ...but I wanted to get the "on call" done with as it was not very easy to get the dates changed and I did not want to cause any hassle to anyone. The back of my mind ... I was thinking .... I am still the jonah and Murphy's law (if anything can go wrong, it will) seriously applies to me whenever I am on call... not that it was my wrong doing but I seem to be getting the worst and the sick-est patient ever one can imagine. I guess I learned to accept it years ago since I started work.

Not to mention the back of mind ... I need to study .. exams are just 3 months away. I am still sick and I have tutorials coming up this week. But as long as I know myself and I have tried my best.

My letter of appeal to sit for my primary exams one last time ( for those who dont know... I am actually studying for my masters ) will be discussed in the meeting with the department and the university this Friday. So do pray along with me and that God's will alone be done. In the meantime I will do what is humanly possible. Thanks alot.

Now I hope I get well before I fly off to Siem Reap next week. Really been looking forward to the trip.... after that I am locking myself up with my books, that is if the appeal gets approved.


lynnx01 said...

Still sick? It has been quite some time. You must be selfish sometimes. Get more rest at home. You're right when you say you're doing more harm to your body. Well anyway, hope you progress well in your recovery. I heard from my friend who went to Cambodia about Siem Reap. Take loads of nice pics to show here.

winniethepooh said...

Doc, its good to be considerate to others..once a while, u hv to be kind to urself. If u cant even take good care of urself, how can u take good care of others?

Time for MC i think...

sbanboy said...

Yup still sick

Hope I can get well soon

I am gonna take lots of pictures ... will buy extra memory cards this weekend :)

Yeah I think I have neglected my health for too long now

fibrate said...

I know what you mean...difficulty changing calls and all that, so in the end it's easier to just do the call yourself.

Have a good trip.I hope you're going to Beng Melea too...the ruins are deliberately left unrestored. Very atmospheric.