Saturday, 7 July 2007

Siem Reap here I come in August !!!!!

I will be going to Siem Reap in August with ... amazonman ... one of the bloggers who had become a dear friend. Anyone had been to Siem Reap before ? Any suggestions for budget affordable hotels to stay in Siem Reap ? Any suggestions will be great.

I am really looking forward to taking pictures. And also to recharge myself before I look myself till Nov for my exams. ( that is if my appeal gets through end of this month ... so please keep this matter in prayer ).

So do give me any suggestions ... where to eat ? What to look for ? Where to take pictures ? Where to stay ? What are cheap ? The food ? Thanks alot :D


day-dreamer said...

Another holiday! So syiok!

TZ said...

Another holiday... i'm so jealous! So you are going to take more picture and share with us eh! Famous Angkor Wat wor! sure have to take picture :-p

poohbearee said...

Angkor Wat! Sounds exciting. Take more pics!!! No tips to offer cos never been there. Backpack trip?

fibrate said...

Stay in one of the hostels in Pub Street. That's where all the action is. And do check out Blue Pumpkin when you are there. It's Lonely Planet's pick, as is mine. The best cafe for desserts and snacks. You'll have a field day taking photographs. Just bring enough CF cards!

yltan said...

wow...another holiday..i thought you just had one?

i agree with fibrate..have enough CF cards and try taking RAW pics..then you wouldnt need to worry about over exposure and can do some photoshop adjustment later. Better still.. get one of those portable hard drive or perhaps an ipod to keep all your pics..

have a great time..

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Already bought tickets long long long time ago ...hehe

Do you want to come along ? You can still get tickets ... I am still looking for hotels to book :D

Plan to take so many pictures until my camera give up on me ...hehe

Nay not backpacking though I dont mind ... my friend dont backpack.

Wah go sifu !!! Salute salute

Thanks for the tip .... any suggestions which hostel ?

Will check out Blue Pumpkin ....

Oh yeah more CF cards ...hehe

YEah shooting RAW will be a great suggestion .... now I just found myself an excuse to buy an ipod ...hehe

anyway I already have an external hard disk where I can transfer pictures too ... maybe I will just buy a bigger HD :D

[danial][ma] said...

have another great breakaway! a group of my friends (medic students) over here will too go to Cambodia for volunteering work. i think they will go to Kompong Song if i'm not mistaken.

Judy said...

I thought you just had a holiday. :)
Have a great time. I have never been to any of these places, so I can only envy from afar with no advice to offer.

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for stopping by. All the best to you in your planned holidays. Will support you in prayer too! God bless.

sbanboy said...

danial ma

Hehe ... booked it during the AirAsia free tickets give away ...hehe

Well wont be going anywhere for a long long time

yo bro ... thanks for dropping by :D

God bless you too and appreciate the prayers

lynnx01 said...

I still blur blur la.. what exam are you actually talking about?

sbanboy said...

dear lynnx01 .... try to look through my previous posts and you will know what I mean. :)

eve said...

Errr..nothing wo..I just heard that it is very very hot there..Me never been ler..hearsay oni..dun sue me..hahahaa..

Jonzz said...

I thought your buddy, Kok Hon has gone backpacking in Cambodia before. You should ask him.

sbanboy said...

Wont sue you lah ... wat if I need to come work at ur clinic leh ? Hehe

yup spoke to him but my friend is not in to backpacking thingy ... so need to find a reasonable hotel...with air con, attached bathroom...etc

Musa said...

wah... so nice, going for holiday... (again?)

Yan said...

Someone said, you need another holiday to recharge after a holiday.

Seems like it's true!

Enjoy your holiday!

sbanboy said...

Musa and Yan
Got the tickets during the Air Asia free tickets give away ... so I only paid for the airport tax...hehe :D

Chen said...

My sister in law went there last year. Everything is in USD. Food there are expensive. A simple mee goreng costs USD 10.

sbanboy said...

Ayo like that I need to bring some cup of noodles leh :)