Friday, 6 July 2007

Redang : Snorkeling !!! Part1

After the sunset was time to get off my lazy butt and go for some snorkeling. The boat trips to the snorkeling sites were provided by the resort which I was staying in. I was staying in Pelangi Resort. Super packed ... but not too bad service. Nothing much to shout about regarding the food. I think I lost weight there ...hehe

So today the snorkeling was at the Marine Park nearby... it was about 30 mins boat ride from Redang Island. And that place was SUPER CROWDED but I managed to squeeze myself in there some how and managed to enjoy and stare in awe of God's creation.

I managed to rent an underwater camera from the Resort for RM 50 for the whole day. It was a Sony Cybershot camera ... not too bad.

Blue clear sea water !!!
Here is proof that I really snorkeled ...hehe
Super packed with people
Fish everywhere

Hmm a nice way to stay afloat....
One of the guides feeding the fish with bread

So many people !
Me again .... one kind soul helped me to talk this picture as I was on my own but I made new friends :D

Time to go back ... wow another use of the life jacket ... to protect from the sun ... hehe
A new friend :D

On the way back

Phew I think I burned like 50000 calories that day ..... later I will go again in the afternoon for another snorkeling session :D


poohbearee said...

I really must go redang one day. Cool pics! Wat waterproof camera is that?

sbanboy said...

I rented a Sony Cybershot with underwater casing ... I think it was 5 megapixels ... not too bad :D

Yup we can plan a bloggers outing to Redang one day ... hehe

Las montanas will be the chief :D

Greener Pasture said...

Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun. I am impressed by the clarity of the water.

Judy said...

What clear blue waters. So inviting.
Eh, can really burn 50,000 calories in one day ah? I also want cos I need to lose weight. :)

sbanboy said...

greener pastures
Yup .... I made sure I had fun :D

Yup I plan to go again next year and hopefully the water will still be clear :D

Hehe ...... exaggerating loh :D

I am gonna really start kicking myself to the gym ... next year ... hopefully can erm swim without my t shirt on ...hehe :D

Chen said...

Nice :)
Do u have to pay deposit for renting the camera? And do they provide memory stick for the camera ? Hehehe, so many questions :P

sbanboy said...

No need to pay deposit. Just pay 50 bucks as I chose the camera with the 512 MB memory stick inside. When you return the camera, they will transfer the pictures onto a CD for you.

But if the camera masuk water ... and rosak ... we have to pay. That is why they test the camera in a bucket of water before passing it to you

It was really fun having an underwater camera :D

may said...

your pictures brought me back to my scuba diving days. oh, such memories! isn't it a wonderful feeling, being afloat and with the fishes?

TZ said...

When is the next trip? I wanna to join :-> Your picture attracted me to go to Redang again. I have been to Redang twice and don't mind going again.

BTW, i just got back from Mabul-Sipadan @ Sabah... The place there is a diving paradise... unfortunately i don't have the license to dive. Anyway, i snorkel there and it was a enjoyable 2 days 1 nite there. No underwater camera to take picture...

Anyway, i have the snorkeling gear and just pack & go... don't forget me if you plan a trip to Redang soon eh!

day-dreamer said...

Wah... syiok syiok syiok!!

Nice nice pictures.

Happy 070707!! =)

sbanboy said...

It was a wonderful experience :)

Of course u can join ... will keep you updated ... :)

day dreamer
Thanks :) Still some more pictures to put up ...hehe

poohbearee said...

Errrr....Redang bloggers outing? And you counting on Monty as chief?? LOL.

It's a better idea to meet when u come to spore nx time. haha.

sbanboy said...

Hehe. .... then I better come to Singapore loh :D

jane said...

hi, was "just passing by" your blog! oh myyyyy... such beautiful pics!!! i've only seen pics of redang unfortunately. I WANNA GO I WANNA GO I WANNA GO!

Prometheus said...

walau.. underwater camera also can rent one ah?? How much ah? WHy you never say earlier,, can rent you mine.. ha ha ha