Sunday, 1 July 2007

Preparations .... things to do

Pic : The future Mr and Mrs cooking up a storm for my mom as she is staying the weekend with us.

Well I think they wanted to cook like a 10 course dinner and erm ... the GAS finished !!!! so in the end have to cook with the electrical appliances :D

My sister will be getting married next year .... so I am making preparations to live life on my own again ..... might need to get an Indonesian maid or something ...

So here is my list :

1. Learn how to cook : I am hopeless with cooking ... can only make instant noodles ... or instant anything which comes with the instructions. So I finally went out and bought the book " Chinese cooking for Dummies with absolutely no cooking experience required".

2. Learn how to wash my clothes : I finally figured out how to use the right detergent with the softerner. I am getting pretty good at it now. I am using "Top" detergent which is great .... smells great ... sometimes have to dry my clothes in the shade. I use Comfort softener ... the green colour one ... called "Relaxing Green". I also use "Vanish" the hydrogen peroxide add in to get a cleaner wash.

3. Learn how to iron my clothes : I am also learning how to iron my clothes properly ... still struggling with ironing the shirts.

4. Later I will have to clean both toilets !

5. Later I will have to get used to having dinners on my own again

6. Later I will be watching Lord of The Ring Movie Marathon on my own .... ( my sis and I used to just put on the 3 movies and just watch the whole movie non stop )

7. Etc ......


L B said...

Don't forget
a) cleaning the fans
b) vacuuming the floors
c) mopping the floors
d) buying the correct groceries
e) painting the house
f) cutting the grass
g) fixing the leaks
h) repairing the fishtank..

Life used to be simple..

may said...

it's not too bad once you get into a rhythm of things. then again, the lazy bone is known to come out once in awhile... ;-)

poohbearee said...

*faint* Your sis to all those chores for you?


day-dreamer said...

Erm... where's pictures of the 10-course dinner cooked with electrical appliances? :P

Well, most of the things you listed down besides cooking and ironing, I learnt them all by myself when I started living outside in PJ. Trust me, when you can no longer depend on the ones who usually get things done for you, you will actually surprise yourself at your abilities. :)

Add oil!

Dr ve Thru said...

Sbanboy, easy one, no need to fret.
1. Go and 'tah pau'.
2. Till today, I still don't know how to use do laundry, I think you will end up being better than me.
3. Iron collar first, then sleeves and then bodice. Better still, just wear a jacket over your shirt so you just iron the two front bodice if no time to iron.
4. Use brush to wash toilet (not tooth brush, kay?) :P
5. Having dinner alone can be fun, eat directly out of saucepan instead of using plate (less to wash).
6. LOR??? Watch alone also nice. Can say out the lines you memorised without anyone asking you to be quiet.

You'll get used to it (talking from experience).

sbanboy said...

Yup :D

I think my lazy bone is there all the time ...hehe

I also do some of the chores ...hehe

day dreamer
Add what type of oil ?? :D

dr ve thru
thanks for the tips ...hehe

Bernard said...

Weiii... your sis took the role of the "pau-sua-pau-hai" izzit?

lynnx01 said...

Sad to say (I am a girl) but I struggle what you're struggling. Hahaha.. I can't cook, that's a real bad start. Coincidently I use Top detergent too.. hehehe..

anastasia said...

As worrisome as it may all seem now, you'll survive.

In the last six months, I've learned to wash clothes, iron clothes, vacuum floors, cook edible food and even make apple crumble!
Sure, I still eat out all the time and live in a mess, but I've come a long way.

eve said...

Oh your poor sis..dun tell me she used to do all that for u? You are going to miss her big time la..sure

niCk said...

high time to get a girlfriend ler.

[danial][ma] said...

time to enjoy your singlehood...doing all the chores and enjoy it. learn new things everyday even learn to be more efficient to handle things. lucky i don't have to iron my clothes anymore, just wear tees & jeans all the time...and you always can invite your friends to enjoy the dinner or watch lord of the ring trilogy with you...

sbanboy said...

No lah I also got help ...hehe

Yeah yeah Top Detergent is nice :D

Hehe sounds like my situation :D

yeah I am gonna miss her alot ... and I am preparing myself mentally now

Nay just need a maid ...hehe

danial ma
You can come over when you are back here :D

CP Waterman said...

And the LORD said," It is not good that man should be alone, I ................(fill in blank please)
Genesis 2:18
Muahahaha! You are prophetically covered.You will be alright!

ashley said...

Hello doc,

U need to pay the agency and the maid monthly for clearing ur 'to do list'...
If it's a gf we're talking about...
Kisses & Hugs don't cost u no money.... or do they to u ? ;)
Haha... agree, nick ?


sbanboy said...

Got your praying for me ... sure moo mun tai ...hehe..

Hey thanks for dropping by ... yeah was thinking about hiring a maid or a GF :D