Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pills pills pills !!!!!!

Well I guess I am finally started on some strong anti-biotics .. thanks to jimbo as I have been coughing like crazy and the sputum had turn dark green .... yucks !!! And I have still been having fever on and off. I need to get well before I fly off to Siem Reap in August.

Thanks jimbo ..... hope the anti biotics kick in fast as I am on call tomorrow


ashley said...

Get well soon, doc.

A great trip is awaiting ahead.. :)

lynnx01 said...

Ouch! I hope your health improves and you'll recover in time for your trip. Take care!

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot :)

Thanks alot :)

winniethepooh said...

Dont doctors take care of themselves? Cant get MC?

No amount of medics will work when u keep getting 'more' when u havent recovered.

take care

winniethepooh said...
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day-dreamer said...

Really hope you get well soon, because getting sick in a place away from home sucks high time.

sbanboy said...

winniethepooh&day dreamer

thanks alot :)

appreciate it

Judy said...

sbanboy, I am no doctor but I was told that when your sputum turns yellowish/green, then it is a sign that you are on the way to recovery. Have I been misinformed? :)

Doctors here are slow to prescribed antibiotics.

Jimbo said...

I still think you should be on MC!

Anonymous said...

Hey, get well soon k....We need healthy doc to treat us? Haha..take good rest and may He heals you faster!

eve said...

Get well soon..Eh ya hard issit to get a MC jek?..Got chance ler..

fibrate said...

Will have a word with Jimbo regarding his "pharmacy" at home. Ha, ha!

Get well soon!

Las montañas said...

wow, the pills look yummy!

poohbearee said...

Pills. Yucks. I still can't swallow pills up to today. Doctor, any tips?

When you flying off for your trip?

Take care and rest well.

Jonzz said...

Gosh, should you be on call when you're recovering? I mean, patients could catch something or you could catch something in a weak condition. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

A little under the weather huh, hopefully the antibiotics will kick away the bugs :)

Hope you get well soon to climb all the way up to Angkor Wat to watch the sunset! That is a must do!

Take care!!

~Just a guest~ said...

A little under the weather huh?Hopefully the antibiotics kick away the bugs pretty soon.

Gotta well soon to climb all the way up to Angkor Wat to watch the sunset. That is a must-do:)

Take care!

poohbearee said...

Hi, wanna get some tips on Redang from you. Since you just been there. Any idea which resort is good etc? Am going over during National Day with my frens.

Btw, your chatbox is not working.

sbanboy said...

Now the sputum is not so dark green :)

Can write me a mc ah ? Still coughing like crazy

Thanks bro

Yeah I must learn to rest ... so else ....

am glad that jimbo had some extra anti biotic or else I think I would have gone downhill :)

las montanas
Haha ... you have all my drugs if you want ..haha

Well you can swallow the pills with something sweet ...

I will be flying next Thurs on Aug 2nd !!!! Yippee ... now if only I can get well before I fly

thanks bro

I am done with my all my calls this month ...hehe

annoymous&just a guest
Thanks alot :)
Yup I am definitely gonna snap some sunset pics...

I already put up a new chat box. You can also chat with me online

Yahoo messenger :

Hotmail :

poohbearee said...

Wow. Kiasu ah? U hv both yahoo and msn :)
Okie. I msn u one of these days.