Saturday, 28 July 2007

Phew finally cleaned up my room

Spend the whole of yesterday cleaning up my room. I bought a huge shelf to get all my books in the store room.... so that I will have more space in my room..... now the room is brighter,less cluttered and I love just sitting in the room to study or surf the net or watch a movie. I hook up my macbook or my mp3 to the Samsung Hifi set.


dobbs said...

How are you doing? Cough better?

May I use your photo for the MMR tools of the trade series?

yltan said...

wah so vain lah sbanboy! got mirror on the table to look at yourself whilst working ah??(looking at the piece of material leaning against the wall) hehhe... hmmm get a mirror widget then can see yourself via macbook loh... hhahaa...

L B said...

Finally I get to see your MacBook under all that rubble!!!

sbanboy said...

Sure why not ... :)

Cough is better ... sputum now whitish

Hehe ... no lah the mirror is for me to practice self viva ...hehe

Yeah loh finally got place for it ...hehe

Judy said...

Eh, you call this cleaning ah? Wahahaha......
That's what I tell my kids when they tell me they've cleaned their rooms.

Anyway, good job! Can come and clean mine ah? :P

niCk said...



winniethepooh said...

neat and tidy :) mood oso feel better right seeing so tidy? :)

just a word of caution huh..the wires below the table, try gather them up, if not, trip and fun huh..;P


fibrate said...

Couldn't help but notice the mirror :D

Kok Hon said...

Guys, this is already a VERY CLEAN room for Wymen. You should have seen his hostel room when he was in Klang GH.

sbanboy said...

how much u paying ? Hehe


Ok must make a mental note to clear the wires ...hehe

For practice self viva ..hehe

kok hon
Pengsan ... u still remember my room in Klang ah ... ayo so many years ago ...hehe