Wednesday, 25 July 2007

New Chi Chai wrist gel rest for Jimbo

I heard that jimbo's hippo wrist gel rest ... erm haemorrhage .... u can read all about it here. As I was out in town to get some stuffs ... I decided to get a new wrist rest for jimbo .... I could not find the hippo... all the shop had was doremon, hello kitty, spiderman, garfield and chi chai (piglet). After giving jimbo a call ... deicded to go ahead to get the chi chai wrist gel rest.
It also glows in the dark ... so jimbo u can also use it at night ...shhh shhhh
It also comes with cute like alphabets so that jimbo can learn his spelling .... hehe

Well bro ... will pass it to u when I see you :)


weiwei said...

Very cute!!! I've got Hello Kitty. Where you get that? I want to buy Doraemon to show my kindergarten students. They are doing the Doraemon dance for concert. ;-)

Jimbo said...

Aiyo so cute, thanks bud. It's a tad non-halal!

winniethepooh said...

this is just as cute as jimbo's 'RIP' hippo :)

Jonzz said...

Wah, non-kosher glow-in-the-dark piggy! LOL!

I must ask: where did you buy it?

sbanboy said...

I got it from SS15

Cute leh ... but not the halal part lah

It was the cutest of the lot at the shop ...hehe

Must try whether it really glows in the dark

I bought it from SS15 at Subang Jaya

Carmen said...

Was trying to search for nice wrist rest from internet and found you posted pretty nice one in your blog. Can I know where exactly you bought this cute stuff, the shop name? Thanks