Sunday, 22 July 2007

My home church .... a place to belong

I always look forward to going back to my home church in Seremban. Today I had an assignment and it was to take pictures during the service of the pastors, full time workers, the congregation and the service ... what goes on and capture "the moment" as they wanted photos to be used for the church announcement slides etc. I attended both services to capture the photos. We have 2 services at 8 am and 1030 am.

I wanted to take the pictures without using the flash so that I will not distract people from worship God during the service. So I tried to blend in.... I was sitting on the floor, standing on chairs, kneeling down ...anything to get the perfect shot.

Just wanted to share some shots ... the place I call my home church ... a place where I belong to... and ever ready to serve.

Praise and Worship in progress
Offering bags
Taken during the sermon
Sound equipment
The keyboardist

Well nearly time for me to get ready to go back to KL ..... I am still praying that I will be able to find a church where I can belong to and serve God .... Who alone is worthy to be adored and worshipped ... Amen


day-dreamer said...

Nice shots. Very "got feel". :D

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Thanks alot :)

Judy said...

My prayers are with you. May He lead you to your 'new home' and I pray the confirmation would be that you will sense His presence. You will know that you know that this is where He wants you to be and work to being a part of the family and to be blessed as well as to bless.

Susan Rose said...

Hi. It's great to discover another Christian photographer. Your work is better than mine, but I hope to improve as I learn to use my new Rebel XTi to its fullest capabilities. But occasionally God blesses me with an amazing photo that is much better than usual. I'm sure that happens to you too.

In addition to my blog, I have a website where I post Christian inspirational writing...

God bless you greatly as you seek to know Him more.

fibrate said...

You have a bright future in event photography!

Las montañas said...

not paying attention during sermon eh!!!???

btw, what denomination?

sbanboy said...

thank alot ... appreciate the prayers

susan rose
thanks for dropping by

Yup He is good all the time :)

Thanks !!!

Just trying it out :)

las montanas
Hehe ... no lah Kok Hon told me to take pictures of the service mah .. so I have the green light ...hehe

My church is part of Assemblies of God

s.m.t said...

Hi Sbanboy;

I visited your link thru Musa & TZ.These shot is supernice and really got the "feel". I just came back from Mt Murud on Revival Meeting. Few fellows from Seremban also attended the meeting and everybody was on Fire! Praise God!

sbanboy said...

Thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

Hi sbanboy , where do u stay ? here is a charimastic church at USJ Industry area , near USJ 3 and FGT -

if nearby, stop by and visit....

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me again ....At FGT , the senior paster also loves photography, he is inspiring others to pick up this good hobby. FGT service is Sunday 10 am. I truly understand how u feel about 'home church'. It's not easy to find one, but God will guide you to where you should go....If u ever go to FGT, ask for Mun Leong, and I'll get to meet you then... Enjoy your Siem Reap tour , I'll be visiting Redang next weekend - heee