Wednesday, 25 July 2007

MC finally ?

Think I am finally gonna get at least MC for the next 2 days. Been coughing and coughing and on top of it .... I started having running nose. Seem to be getting worst. Hope to get well before my trip.

This morning conversation with my sister

Me : Any clinics to recommend ?

Sis : Erm

Me : I think I need to get MC .... how to do it ah ?

Sis : Hey you the doctor .... you dont know meh ?

Me : Erm I have never taken MC before ..

Sis : Go see private clinic loh ....

I think I can count the number of times I have taken MC since I started work. Erm I think I took MC only once and that was ages ago. I still go to work if I can climb out of bed and just pop in medicine to get me through the day. But this time I must get well before my trip. And I must be in full gear for my studies when I get back.

So here goes my hunt for a clinic to get my MC ( eve, fibrate, or jimbo can give me MC ah ? hehe )....finally..... hmmmm might change my mind and go to work though.


dobbs said...

Better take some MC -- otherwise you will just infect your patients. Does the hospital accept MCs from private doctors? Palmdoc's got a clinic this morning btw ;)
Take care and get well soon.

Musa said...

wow... you still not well yet?... did you do what the doctor said? oh right... you're the doctor! hehehe..

Jonzz said...

I don't think taking MC is being selfish.

I think NOT taking MC when you're that sick is being selfish, inconsiderate and silly. You risk infecting your colleagues and your patients. How would you like it if the doctor attending you is sniffling and coughing and telling you, 'Sorry ya, I am also sick?'

You are also not giving yourself a chance to rest and recover but making it worse by subjecting yourself to work stress.

Sorry for sounding harsh. I also tell off my friends like this too.

winniethepooh said...

*Hi5* jonzz, u said it all :)

sbanboy, Just go to any private Dr. they should be able to give u MC; your hospital wont accept their MC? after all they are also doctors who grad from Malaysia Uni, isnt it?

sbanboy said...

I think I got infected by my patients ..hehe


Where is Palmdoc's clinic ? Can let me know by email or yahoo messenger ?


I think I got infected by a super bug

Point taken


Got the MC already :)

fibrate said...

MCs from private clinics are now accepted. Sure, I can give you an MC exchange for another 5!

sbanboy said...

Sure ah ?? I will call u next time :)