Friday, 6 July 2007

Home sweet home !

Yippe am getting ready to go home ...... had not been home in ages. Packing up now. Got my banking done. Managed to have lunch with Vince who I met from my Redang trip. It was great catching up and looking at the pictures we took. Bringing a book on physiology back to read ( learned my mistake of bringing a whole truck load of books back to study and not touching them at all ...hehe ). Meeting another friend from my Redang trip for dinner back home and some fellowship.

Looking forward to watching Die Hard 4.0 in the morning with my sister tomorrow . My cousin sister will be coming over for the weekend.

Most important ... I can worship God this week in my home church. Oh how I miss corporate worship. Let's bring the house down for Jesus :D


TZ said...

Enjoy yourself back home eh!... I'm going to drive to Penang this Sunday for a week on biz meeting... :->

Have a nice weekend.

CP Waterman said...

Seached yout site but could not locate your salavtion testimony. Wanted to put it up in my blog. Can I use your e mail testimony?
Anyway, do have a great weekend at home!
God bless!

"We serve a loving God!"

sbanboy said...

Thank man

Have a great weekend

cp waterman
Oppss I nearly put up my testimony .... I should put it up

yup you can use my email testimony on ur blog :D

Have a great weekend bro :D

day-dreamer said...

Have a wonderful weekend ahead! :)

Chen said...

Enjoy your moments back home
Home is always the best place on earth :)

sbanboy said...

chen & day dreamer
Thanks alot :D

It is always great to be home :D

doc said...

err, too late la - samson already done that, brought the house down!

sbanboy said...

Nevermind ... I can try to repeat the feat ...hehe by His grace :)