Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Harry Porter and Lok Lok

Finally I think I have completed all the "must watch" movies for this year ... I have watched Spiderman 3, Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, Transformers and Die Hard 4.0.

So today I watched this movie together with my sister and her fiance. It is the 5th movie. The kids are all grown up now. Prior to watching the 5th Harry Porter movie .. I have watched through the 1st to the 4th movie ... it is amazing to see their transition from kids to now teenagers.

The movie is now "darker" ... no more the " aw so cute" kinda feeling that I get. From beginning to the end there was a sense of impending danger lurking just around the corner. Yes Harry Porter finally has his first wet long kiss on screen with his love interest, Cho Chang.

It is still a battle between good and evil and there were casualties from both sides. Anyway I wont spill anymore beans .... now I am eagerly waiting for the 6th movie.
After the movie, we were hungry and decided to have supper at "Fatman Steamboat" which I call lok lok. Basically there are raw fish, meat or prawn balls, vegetables, etc which we dip into a pot of boiling soup to cook it and then dip it into sweet sause, spicy peanut sauce or chilli sauce. It is my all time favorite.

Yummy .... :)
Ok good night guys ... gonna hit the sack before I fall off my chair :)


day-dreamer said...

Ahhhh! I haven't watch.

Anyway, I anticipate the last book more. Somehow the book is much better than the movie...

Judy said...

So not fair one. Transformers and HP not showing here yet. HP showing on 24th July.
Can you let out one info? Is it by far, the best HP?

yltan said...

yummy...lok lok...ah..i miss lok lok... (growling stomach!)

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
The book can have more details .... but I kinda like the movie :)

Hmmm how come Malaysia so fast one ??? Hehe

Erm I have like all the HP movies. I like this one as it becomes more serious. They are developing their characters.

next time when u r back in Malaysia .... we can go hantam lok lok :)

lynnx01 said...

In Sarawak, we don't have lok loks. I remember my first time trying it on a Wed night outside my uni. I was so sakai!!

poohbearee said...

Which character do u like best in Harry Potter? I like Hermione Granger best. So cute and she is now so pretty! :)

CP Waterman said...

Oh la la Lok Lok arh? My wife's favorite woh! yum ..yum..
BTW, I have put up your sweet testimony in my blog and let's pray that the aroma of our LORD Jesus will touch lots of souls.Amen!

yltan said...

alright the invite is on.. hehehe will be back in msia in 4 months time... go photo shooting then go hantam lok lok.. !!! niceeeeeeeeee....

TZ said...

Lok Lok... nice yummy... have you tried the Malacca Satay JeLup?

So how's the Harry Porter show? Not a fan of HP but still interested to know the review :-)

anastasia said...

*drools* I miss loklok too...

can't wait to watch HP. I have to say though, I sometimes prefer the first few episodes, when they were younger, compared to the more mature ones. Sometimes...

sbanboy said...

ME also sakai when I first tried it out ...hehe

Hermione is one of the most consistent character in the show ... yup she is drop dead gorgeous now !

Thanks :)

Can hantam when u r in Malaysia:)

Cool !!! Alright !! All set :)

I like satay celup also :)

I like all the HP movies ...hehe

doc said...

hey hello,

no need to study, ahh?

sbanboy said...

Got study also .... must balance mah :)

lynnx01 said...

Sorry but I was just suddenly so curious last night before I went to bed. You mind me asking which uni did you graduate from? Just mere curiosity, if you don't mind.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

congratulations blog, fantastic !!

salutations from Catalonia-Spain

yanz said...

oh mannn, how come everyone managed to watch HP5 except me? hope i get tickets by next week =P

sbanboy said...

Hey lynnx .. chat with me online someday and all your questions will be answered ...hehe .... you know how to find me :)

te la ma maria
Thanks for dropping by

Greetings from Malaysia

Hehe .... if you go to summit usj ...always got ticket one ... :)