Saturday, 28 July 2007

Dinner with Musa and TZ

Felt much better to go for dinner .... could not think of anywhere to go to so we decided to meet up at Ikea for dinner knowing that the other shopping complexes will be jam packed on a weekend. I managed to get there in 30 minutes via Elite Highway... very convenient. This was the first time I was meeting Musa. I had lunch with TZ before at Pizza Uno.

All the other items on the menu were either fried or too cold so I settled for baked meatballs which is my one of my favorite dishes.
Meat balls
TZ in action :)
The three musketeers
All Hail Sweden .....

It was fun meeting Musa and TZ ... at least I have made some new friends.... people who I can just chill out and hang out with. It is not easy with my work schedule to hang out all the time or to make new friends and with exams drawing closer ... I will be keeping to myself again for the final race to decide whether I drop out or move on. Still it was a breath of fresh air for hang out with people who I dont have to discuss about my job or exams and just talk about simple things in life ..... but the truth is ... this exams had been haunting me since I started my masters. So far I found out that the only thing which can really make me depress are my studies ... always feel I am not doing enough. The voices from within and without ...keeps condemning .... accusing .... and takes alot of energy just to remain motivated and unaffected ... it is a bitter pill to swallow but still I will not have it any other way .... for I have been chastened... I have been broken and made stronger by His loving Hands. A God who wepts with me when I hurt but loves me too much to let me remain this way... therefore I will continue to trust His heart ... come what may .. for it is only by His grace alone.... and He alone knows. Thank You God for life .... to be able to wake up in the morning and experience Your goodness and mercy. Thank you for giving me another day.


poohbearee said...

Did your appeal get thru?
Am sure God will see you thru it all. Think Raymond will also be *suffering* together with you :P

If I don't catch you online again before you leave, have a good trip!

winniethepooh said... of my fav too :) very eay to make too, if you want, next time i give u the recipe yeah

Dont stress about studies, tell urself, if so many before me can do it, so can i! okie..

take care and all the best!

anastasia said...

Coincientally, I had meatballs at Ikea today too.

Glad to hear that you're feeling better physically but sad to hear that exams are bogging you down.
But with his strength and love, you can get through this. =)

Shah said...

Hmmm. U seem to be heading to Pizza Uno rather often lately... Hope u're heading to d gym as often too... Hehehe...
BTW sorry for the free advertising on yr blog but if u know of anyone looking for a digicam can u direct them to my blog puhleeeze... Really want that E-510 la.... Thanks bro...

day-dreamer said...

I have always wanted to try IKEA's Swedish meatballs but haven't got the chance to do so yet. Haha.

sbanboy said...

Still awaiting the results

Thanks alot :)

Yup by His grace

What gym ? ;)

day dreamer
Should give it a try ... yummy

TZ said...

Keep up the work on your studies. I just started my class today and it will run for 4 Sunday weeks then need to prepare for exam too... :-> BTW, when is your exam?

Anonymous said...

you guys three like siblings lah...must have fun and eat and eat..

sbanboy said...

Exams in Nov

hehe ... not just eat eat eat lah ... we also talk talk talk :)