Friday, 20 July 2007

Dinner at Uncle Lim's

My appetitie is not that great so I decided to get some porridge for dinner. So after leaving the hospital, I took a drive to Subang Parade to have dinner at Uncle Lim's. I love the chicken porridge.
This is my number while waiting for my food to arrive
Yummy Chicken Porridge :)
Uncle Lim's is usually quite packed

My ipaq RW6828 keeping me company ... though the video playback was a bit jerky as I was streaming the sound to my bluetooth stereo headset :)

Tomorrow morning I plan to go to the gym before I head back to Seremban. Sis will be driving as she needs to service the car. I am only bringing 2 books back to read .... :)

Hope to get well soon


~Just a guest~ said...

Hi there,

Your photographs seem to be very impressive! I am an idiot in photography ie the types of lens, camera type ...but just simply amazed by the details that the pictures bring out.

Oh well, it's all a matter of perception anyway, but I think your photographs were simply amazing!


winniethepooh said...

"Uncle Lim" and I share the same surname..but I'm very sure I dont cook as well as he does! hehehe

Hope you will get well really soon...lots of sleep, lots of water, eat well :)


CP Waterman said...

Hmm... I thought it's this Uncle Lim

Niway, get well soon!

TZ said...

looks yummy ... looking forward to taste it... :->

sbanboy said...

just a guest
Thanks alot and thanks for dropping by :)

Thanks :)

cp waterman
Hehe ... thanks ... I have been started on anti biotics

We can go next week ...hehe :)

lynnx01 said...

Uncle Lim in Subang Parade always seems so full during my Subang days. Business now still as good?

Judy said...

Hahaha, goes to show my ignorance. When I saw your title, I thought Uncle Lim was really your uncle and so nice to cook dinner for you.

The porridge looks man wor! Ahem. :P

day-dreamer said...

I don't really fancy porridge, hahaha.

Hey, hope you get well soon!

Happy Sunday.

sbanboy said...

Yup business is still going strong at Uncle's Lim

We can go when u r back in Malaysia ...hehe

day dreamer
Thanks alot ... still feel sick though