Thursday, 19 July 2007

Been under the weather

Dinner : vegetable chicken soup.

Have not been feeling too well since I did my call in ICU last Monday maybe I got infected by some super bug from ICU. Been having fever, headache, bodyache, loss of appetite ( ... hmmm not too bad ... yippee can lost weight ! ) ... I have been popping in panadol like no body's business. Hope I get well soon ..... next Monday I will be on call again in ICU.


fibrate said...

Get well soon. Go easy on the ALT shot up to 150 the last time I was sick and popping PCM like crazy!

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, this super bug thing is really a big problem.
It is out of control in UK hospitals. Patients go in healthy just for a minor operation and end up dying because of the superbug.

Pray you recover quickly.

Musa said...

aw.. same here bro.. hope you get well soon..

winniethepooh said...

pop over from Jonzz's blog. Do take care n drink lots of water :)


dobbs said...

Take care, rest this weekend and get well soon.

TZ said...

hey dude,
after you recovered... plan sometime to hit the gym... start back the exercise.

Otherwise, you will hit by another superbug again soon. Exercise could build up the strength to fight superbug... !!

Get well soon... waiting to go Korean BBQ with you :->

Gallivanter said...

Don't really think Panadols help that much, as it's available for the masses - which I think the dosage is reduced to ensure there are no/limited side effects from consuming them. :-)

Jonzz said...

Hmmm... I don't think you should enjoy losing weight because of sickness. I rather not be sick ever.

anastasia said...

Aww... Hope you get well soon.

On the bright side, that chicken soup looks delicious. =)

sbanboy said...

Wah !!!! ALT up ??? I better not pop in so much PCM

Thanks judy

you too bro

Thanks for dropping by

Been drinking lots of H20

Thanks ... will be going back to Seremban

Korean BBQ on next week ...hehe .. if I get well lah or else chicken porridge ok ?

Hey thanks for dropping by

Yup I have stopped taking so much panadol already

ANything to lose some weight ..hehe

thanks alot

Yup the vege soup was yummy :)