Friday, 20 July 2007

At work

I was on afternoon shift today. Had to drag myself to work ... been coughing and I still feel really weak. I was hoping that the list will finish early but when I arrived at work .... the first case was still going on.... and the next case will take another estimated 5 hours ! Pengsan

Anyway ... thank God the company today was good. We talked and laughed....shared knowledge and time just flies ... before I knew it we were done with the 2nd case. I left the hospital at about 7 pm.

I brought my camera to the hospital to try out the close up Hoya lens +4 which I bought recently as I cant afford to buy a Macro lens at the the close up lens will have to do for now till I can save up.

The anaesthetic machine
Some of the drugs used..... this is a muscle relaxant named Rocuronium

The laryngoscope ...used to faciliate intubation of a patient.


winniethepooh said...

Those close ups look really good, Think you r proud of your work yeah? :)

TZ said...

I will have goosebump whenever i see the equipment used by doctor and it will come together with the smell... oh no! i'm going to "Pengsan" (faint). That's the reason i could not be a doctor :-p

Anyway, nice to know how the machine looks like and what kind of the medicine doc use... btw, how you use the last set of apparatus shown in your picture... looks very scary to me!

sbanboy said...

Thanks :)

Yup I am proud of my work

Hehe I got used to the medicine smell already ...hehe

The last apparatus ah ... well I can show it to you when u visit me at work.... ;)

fibrate said...

Never saw resus. equipment/drugs in that light. Anyway, nice shots...especially the adrenaline ampoules.

TZ said...

Me... in your workplace
Goosebump --> Pengsan! (Faint) --> Somebody call 911... :->

Anyway, i would like to challenge myself and pay a visit one day.

Judy said...

Sick also go to work?

Errr, you want to pengsan from the hours of work. I want to pengsan just looking at the instruments. Scary or not ah?

sbanboy said...

Thanks ...hehe ... was trying out the close up filter +4 from Hoya ... coz no money to buy macro lens mah

Well you know where to find me ... drop by anytime ... by the way I am on call tomorrow

Dont worry the time the patient sees the instruments ... they already pengsan ... hehe