Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Yippee on the way to Redang tomorrow .....

Hi guys .... looking forward to trip to Redang tomorrow .... been checking out this website on Pulau Redang on how I am gonna spend my 4 days in Redang. Basically I will be on my own. The friend that I am going with will be scuba diving and unfortunately I am be staying with 3 other strangers. There will be a total of 8 of us going and all 7 will be scuba diving except me. Well he was giving me his reasons why I was put up with strangers instead of bunking with his group when he was the only person I know ...anyway it is ok ... a good time to make new friends.

So I have decided to make a list of things I will do to make this trip worthwhile in no particular order :

1. Quiet time with God ( my first priority )
2. Walks by the beach - day or night
3. Sit by the beach and admire God's creation
4. Photography ... lots and lots of photos ... a good time to practice..street photography etc
5. Snorkeling.... borrowed my sister's googles and the snorkel thingy
6. Cycling ... erm I think I will end up renting a bike instead
7. Jungle trekking ?
8. Finish the 5th book of Harry Porter ( if possible :D )
9. Callanetics in the mornings while enjoying the sunrise
10. Food :)
11. Finish the book "Total Heart Health for Men" - a Christian book
12. Think about how to tackle my coming exams in November on the last day in Redang
13. Think about how to tackle Poohbearee's tag ....hmmm

Things to bring

1. My Ipaq RW6828- coz my bible is loaded inside :D and you guys can still send me sms ... hehe ...hint hint
2. Canon 350D with all the lens and the polarizer lens not forgetting the batteries and charger
3. Canon IXUS V3 as backup camera
4. Sunblock - for face and body
5. Mosquito repellent
6. Underwear
7. T shirts
8. Shorts
9. Googles
10. Sandals
11. Slippers
12. Running shoes ?
13. Books
14. Tit bits
15. Mineral water
16. Money ( do they accept credit cards ? )

So do you guys have any other suggestions ..... thanks :D ... Wah already 12 pm ... I better get my butt out of my apartment to get all these stuffs :D


day-dreamer said...

Redang is a beautiful place, so I shall be on watch for superb photos posted up soon. *hint hint* :P

Well, wishing you a safe and enjoyable journey ahead! ;)

lynnx01 said...

Googles? Or did you mean goggles? :)

L B said...

Looking forward to sun, sand, food, and wildlife photos! Have a great time in Redang, and don't forget your MyKad.

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Thanks :D
Looking forward to it

oppss I meant goggles ...hehe... will correct it or shud I just leave it tat way ;)

Oh yeah MyKad ...hehe ..thanks for the reminder :D

Kok Hon said...

The last time I was there Maxis has no coverage in tough luck with Digi.

sbanboy said...

kok hon
Hmmm ... no line ah ... nevermind can still use my ipaq to read the bible ...hehe :D

just me said...

Your number 2 and number 3...would love to do that too!

sbanboy said...

just me
Try to get the Airasia free tickets promotion when it is on offer :D

Yup looking forward to it :D

fibrate said...

Wah, kiasu! 2 cameras! Actually I always bring along 2 cameras too when I go on trips... :)

CP Waterman said...

Yes they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength....
Have a go....od time with HIM brother!


yan said...

May you be drawn closer to Him
in your unhurried time in Redang.
May you hear Him more clearly,
uninterrupted by inner or outer noises.

poohbearee said...

Not bringing mp3 player for music?

Just curious. If you cant dive how come dun take the opportunity to learn diving there? But then I heard snorkelling also v v v beautiful there. *envious*

You only know 1 fren but maybe you come back knowing another 7. Hv fun!


Raymond said...

wah no need to work ah ,me oncall this weekend,crazy one cant do my sport!

eve said...

Aiyaks..too late to wish u a safe journey tim...enjoy yourself...hehe..

yipwt said...

wah...redang..i am going there next month...

enjoy your trip..and err...dont scare the fishes away.

oh ya..get us some pics

Shah said...

Have a great trip bro. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Ah Boy said...

come back oledi or not?
u r tagged

Dr ve Thru said...

Two days in Redang and I pray you are having a great time as well as being able to achieve what's on your list! ^_^

Jayce Ooi said...

Nice place. Looking forward to go there. :)