Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Super zonked out and still jonah !

I was on call in ICU yesterday and I only slept about 1 hour .... hmmm I think my "jonah-ness" is still following me around. It was super busy .... the patients were unstable. There were lots of referrals from the other departments ..... I will be on call again in ICU this Saturday and I hope that I wont be so busy.

So guys .... it will take some time for me to upload the photos from my Redang trip... not looked through all the photos yet .... have a lot to share though ....

Ok gonna hit the sack now .... :D


fibrate said...

Superstitious rule #2 : On call always jonah after a holiday.

#1? Never wear red when on call!

Raymond said...

My nurses always said i jonahed them whenever Im oncall too,apparently most of the patients' conditions deteriorate whenever im there sicko!

Take care dude!

poohbearee said...

Wat is 'Jonah-ness"?

Wow liao...Raymond. "most of the patients' conditions deteriorate whenever im there
" sounds really BAD! LOL.

just me said...

Take your time, no hurry.

lynnx01 said...

Only one hour sleep? I think I can really konk out like that lah. How to work next time.

yipwt said...


1 hour sleep?
I had 6 hours sleep..and I can't think properly...

sbanboy said...

Yeah loh always after holiday I will be super bz compensate for the time of relaxation ...hehe

Erm I think we have the same nurses ... they also say tat about me ...hehe

jonah-ness = jinx

I can identify with Raymond ...hehe

just me
Thanks but just another 4 months to my Nov exams ...duh

That is why I took a nap in the hospital ...scared I will drive into a longkang or knock someone's car ...hehe...and most of the day I am like a zombie

Hmmm I think most of the time I cant think straight ... due to my neverending increasing sleep debt ...hehe