Monday, 4 June 2007

Photo marathon on Saturday

Last Saturday I went out with a friend to take photos.... he was the one who first poisoned me about photography. He also helped me to select my current dslr ... which is the Canon 350D which I am using now. So early in the morning I got about 630 am and drove to MRR2 to meet him in Kepong so that we can go take some photos at a park nearby. He also poisoned me by allowing me to use his Tamron Macron lens for try out some close up shots. I have not been taking pictures for quite some time and I was quite rusty. So I had some brushing up to do ..... and most important not forgetting the element of fun. I took up photography because I wanted to capture the beauty of God's creation and I also like to take photos of people as in to capture the "moment". It was also therapeutic for me..... a stress reliever after work. There was a time when photography was very stressful .... well that is another chapter which is over now.

Now I tell myself ..... let's not forget why I took up photography at the first place. And I will continue to challenge myself. I also believe that photography is an extension of who you are ..... how you see the world and how you see yourself. And it will translate into the pictures you take. Most important is to NEVER give up and keep trying. And not to lose the fun element in what you do :D The biggest obstacle is "YOU". So let go and enjoy :D

These pictures were taken at a road which really nice trees on both sides at a place in Templer, KL. To tell you the truth I have no idea where I was .... my friend just directed me. I have no idea how to get there ....hehe...unless I can get my GPS thingy :D.

The road with trees on both sides. There was a golf course nearby...dont remember the name..taken at Rawang

Managed to find the sign board :D

I had always wanted to take the reflection from the side mirror :D

Trying out the Tamron 90 mm F2.8 Macro lens which my friend is trying to poison me with ...hehe....I am still learning how to do macro shots and I must say that it is not easy :D
I like this pictures ... I did some level adjustments to the pictures ... I like the serene feeling ....and the reflection captured on the the lake

One of the jogging paths in the park in Kepong.


yltan said...

nice pictures. what tamron macro lense you using?? 60 mm or 105 mm??

sbanboy said...

Hey thanks for dropping by ... I was using the 90 mm Tamron Macro F2.8 Lens :D

yltan said...

No problem... i love photography as well... and i especially like shooting underwater... but not many chances due to heavy workload...

sbanboy said...

Cool !! I have yet to take up scuba diving .... checked out ur flickr photos .... great pics :D

Yan said...

Once upon a time, some 25 years ago, I was crazy about photography. I ran around with photography club members into the jungle, into the remote parts of Sarawak.

I especially like taking children's photos. When Rachel was young (now she is 17) I still took pictures. I told Rachel those photographs shall be her wedding gifts:)

Then life gets busier - I have given up photography. Not completely, hoping to pick up again in my retirement days! Not too far a dream!

You have some nice photographs. Keep it up. It's expensive hobby though. I have a doctor friend in Singapore who took up photograph in recent years. He said, I quote -

Most around me feel it must be part of a mid-life crisis, dreaming to
achieve what one did not in ones' youth. However, my thrust is that
splashing out a few thousand on a camera and lens is not the
equivalent of getting a Ferarri or Porche, and more creative.


Want to see his results?

sbanboy said...

Yup it is an expensive hobby. But I am telling myself not to splurge on any new lens for now ... must get the hang of what I have...yup it takes time ... alot of time. I am learning to balance my life, work and studies. Hmmm I wanna pick up piano again ... I stopped at grade 5 coz I thot it was for girls at that time ... would like to pick it up again so that I can serve Him in church...write love songs to Jesus :D

Yup I would love to see your friend's photographs to get some tips and inspiration ... :D

L B said...

Very cool these photos! Looking so professional already! Love the macros, as usual!

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot :D

Still alot to learn :D hehe...

fibrate said...

Nice you had to jump into longkang or sprawl yourself on the road? I'm saving to buy a macro lens myself...

poohbearee said...

Nice pics.
Hehe...piano is not for girls lor. Beethoven, Mozart etc are men leh. LOL.
Serve in church means you are picking up keyboard instead of classical piano? Hv fun :)

Raymond said...

try taking some human pics dude!hehe

sbanboy said...

Practically had to crawl into the longkang and was praying real hard that I wont get hit by a car while doing the shot on the road

Hehe....yeah hope to pick up piano again

ok when can u be my model ... take pic of u when u r running or cycling ?

day-dreamer said...

Awesome shots. Fwahh! Breathtaking...

And my guess would be, your friend is Jellyfish??

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Hehe ... you are right ! :D

Las montañas said...

DSLR difficult to learn ornot? I am tempted to get one. Nikon 40dx

sbanboy said...

las montanas
IT is just a matter of getting used to using a dslr ... once u r comfortable with it .... you will be a pro in no time :D

Nikon D40X is not bad ... u might wanna consider the Canon 400D also :D

Chen said...

I know that's Jellyfish u talking about. Who else except him who poisoned u kaw-kaw in the past?

Nice & awesome shots :)
Excellent :)

Cynthia said...

breathtaking mannn!

George said...

wow nice shots! Tempted to upgrade to a dslr but with my interest in underwater photography, that would be a lot of money! Have to think of career advancement too!

yltan said...

George, take the leap into underwater photography!!! Its worth it... and in the long run... its better to have dslr compare to compact... more chance to play around..

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot :D

Thanks alot :D

Erm...well if you can afford it :D the pics will look great and u can really play around with the controls as yltan said....but heavier ... very costly. But if you got used to the controls and you are comfortable with the camera ... you will be shooting like a pro in no time :D

Hehe....poisoning George already :D

Yup there are times I prefer a dslr ....but I still like the compact ... which I can just slip into my pocket, easy to take candid shots and I like the fact that I can frame my shots thru the lcd ...hehe.

day-dreamer said...

Yay yay!! My guess is correct! Got what present? :P

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
I can send u one of my pictures of jellyfish as present ...hehe