Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Nice food at Flavors First World Hotel Genting

Time to put up some pictures of YUMMY food ...hehe... Anyway last Saturday .. I drove up to Genting to visit cytusm ... an old friend who I met during my Induksi course. It was raining cats and dogs but thank God I managed to reach Genting without any scratches and the best part was that I did not lose my way ...hehe

We had dinner at First World Hotel, Genting in this restaurant called Flavors just opposite the "Merry Go Round" inside the hotel. We ordered a few dishes to go with the rice.
Fried eggs with shark fins
Spicy Chicken
And taufu with mushrooms and minced chicken

After dinner ... we just walked around .... and I was snapping pictures like crazy ...hehe...Tomorrow I will post the pictures I took in Genting ...right now I better hit the sack coz how the time flies .... tomorrow I will be heading to the library as I am not working tomorrow :D

Good night everyone and may you all have sweet dreams of yummy food :D


L B said...

They do really look so dreamy! Can almost breath in the aroma!!!

Yan said...

Very expensive food there. I was there two years ago. My sister has four children. I have two children. The children wanted to have chicken rice or char-siew rice of that sort.

My sister and I lined up to buy thinking of buying (4 + 2 + 2). It was like RM10 (or more) each. We ended up ordering only 4 + 2 for the children.

My sister and I went hungry. And we said the next time around, we shall bring our own "maggi-mee". That should be in December that we would go together again.

val said...

hey bro,

tks for your prayers. i'm doin fine now! will try to catcha next wk ok? maybe we can try some of the great food you've been showcasing here eh?

God bless!

eve said...

Wahhhhhhhhh...looks so good..hungryy liaoooo..

sbanboy said...

Next you back in Malaysia I bring u loh :D

Yup everything was super expensive ... but my friend belanja ...hehe :D

We had to wait for quite some time also and it was super packed

Thank God that you are better ....been praying for you ... yup let's meet up for makan one day

Now I look at the pictures ... I also hungry leh

day-dreamer said...

Food in Genting is never cheap. Unless you count the fast food, which prices are just same everywhere.

Yummy yummy! *hungry*

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
The fast food are more expensive in Genting ...hehe....

Yeah loh everything is expensive in Genting :D

Selba said...

WOW.... you really snapped those pictures food very good!!! :)

sbanboy said...

Thanks for stopping by :D